Volleyball Tip of the Week #5

hey guys this is help you and John volleyball training tip of the week this week going to talk about serving and more precisely about where it served exactly on the court during game so now between your games your coach lanky telling you where sir they might be telling you to serve the one start the five or search your certain player on the court but they might not always do that and this is why you need to be able to make a decision by yourself now to know how we can do this let’s pretend we play a game in which if I serve two one I make zero points if I serve two six I make – one point and if I serve five I make two points where would you serve you serve two five right I will do – okay because it certainly five I make two points well you kind of recreate the same thing in a game situation so that could be a situation where in one we have a decent a good left side passer and six the best passers of libero would be in six and five the reduce passer the one that we are most likely to make points if we serve – alright so by being able to recognize your situations recognize where to reduce faster are on the court you might be to give the advantage to your team so try to watch it achieve before you serve and throughout the game see which passers seem to be struggling which passers seems to be good identify word on the barrel is and try to serve away from him all right so by doing so you will give your team a chance to score point so that was it for a tip tip of the week hope you liked it and if you will apply it in your next game thanks for watching guys I’ll catch you later if you want to learn more useful tips from me and other pro ball ball players you can just sign up to our Hamilton clinic on December 20th and 21st our to our mantra one on December 22nd some of the best Canadian players of the last decade will be there to help you achieve your goals come get inspired and unleash your potential see you next week

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  1. Most of the time, its better to serve the side opposite their best hitter. If their best hitter is #4 lsh, serve to #1 whose pass is likely to cause the setter to set #2, rsh.

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