Volleyball. Training Video. How to spike a volleyball. Part 1.

Hello, with you Vereshagin volleyball player Today we will consider the attacking blow The attacking blow is difficult technical element Therefore we will segment our training And we’ll start with making a lightweight version Gradually complicating Today we study – running start Running start, its main task to jump out up as it is possible above And at the same time to prepare our body for the attacking blow We not just as jumpers have to rise highly in top, but still have to prepare all body, hands for the attacking blow Running start can be carried out perpendicularly to net From the point of view of tactics, this most optimum We see all playing field, we can attack in any direction We can attack the left and right hand But what shortcomings: we can concern net or take up for line After landing And besides to concern net after the attacking blow At the beginning of volleyball for the attacking blow did running start along net Here it is possible to jump high, not to be afraid that you will concern net, fly by forward But what shortcomings. We see only part of the playing field Also we can attack only in certain part of the playground And it is easy to block us, it is easy to accept our blow in protection Therefore we do optimum running start on diagonal We at an angle to net do running start And it allows us to combine height of jump and tactical advantages: different directions of approach shot and vision of the field Let’s begin our training with running start in three steps For the right-handed person I show We do the first step by the right leg This step we correct the direction of running start We do the second step by the left leg, more vigorous step and we take out hands forward I will explain for what hands forward Hands forward that we could make vigorous swing of hands on the third step It is necessary to take away strongly hands back If you strongly take away hands back, then you will be able highly to jump out And to prepare body for swing First step The second step The third step is taken from heel on sock Hands are taken away back And we put the second leg Here in such situation at us the beginning of rise Now I will show it together One Two Three At the last step The corner has to be about 120 degrees If we jump from the place, then the optimum angle for the maximum height is 90 degrees But here we jump from running start Therefore the optimum angle will be 120 degrees Foot have to stand in parallel each other Approximately on basin width Some players put foot here so They as if stop It is possible and to do so I show Right Left After we have taken away hands back Also we do jump. We have to raise hands And at once to take away shoulder of the attacking hand In flight you have to be as the tense bow The upper body deviates to make the attacking blow The lower body deviates back to compensate deviation and that we have not lost balance At us participate in the attacking blow : Large muscles are muscles of back and stomach We turn body, we take away shoulder, forearm, brush Then there is body movement, straighten trunk, shoulder, forearm and the last brush We have to have effect of whip Since the beginning powerful muscles then weaker muscles And movement as whip Тow. And movement as whip The attacking blow is carried out approximately in 30 centimeters ahead of us. This most optimum distance Then we see where to execute the attacking blow and we can make it more precisely and strongly Even accuracy it is much more important, than strongly Because the exact attacking blow to the unprotected place is much more dangerous, than the strong attacking blow There where defenders are ready and where there is block Now I will show all this together We begin with the right leg Left leg We land on the legs bent in knees That we were not injured and could participate in other game action at once For the correct learning of running start, I focus attention to the correct work of hands now We do small jump and in this situation it is necessary to take away shoulder at once One, two One, two That is we take away shoulder back at once You have to fix this movement One – squat. Two – at once we take away shoulder back When we quickly take away shoulder we will have time for swing If you take away slowly shoulder you can not to manage to make the effective attacking blow Especially now in volleyball more high-speed passes Therefore after jump we take away shoulder back at once We turn body, we do the movement by body We take away shoulder, we take away forearm and we carry out the attacking blow One more moment. After attack we turn body towards net We still do the rotating movement around axis for attack strengthening That is we carry out running start here so. And at the time of blow we turn the body Now I will show That is we turn perpendicularly to net Running start so begins, and then we turn body We do all this for strengthening of the attacking blow That the attacking blow was sharp and strong

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