Jelena Novakovic, the
senior out of Serbia, puts it back in action, and she
does that as good as anyone. Read it nicely. And then the block, near side. A tandem block. Christine Jarman there. –any space. You talk about energy. How about a service
ace to end it? And this building has energy. –kills on 17 total attacks. Numbers keep on climbing. Give her another. 21-10. And here is set
point for Virginia, and the Cavaliers
continue to watch that land in the free zone. –kills doctor in this
contest, those two, for UVA. And Francis again. –work to keep
that alive by Tam. Good coverage. And then Young does the same
thing, but it’s to no avail. Francis– –if it goes Virginia’s
way, ends it. Billiard, thinking
along those lines. –match point from
Thomas for Virginia Tech. Novakovic. No return on this
one, and no fifth set necessary this time around. Virginia has evened the all-time
series with Virginia Tech.

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