Volleyball vs Rockhurst NCAA Regional Highlights 11-16-18

I thought we did a we did a lot of
things well we made a few more errors than we normally make and you know the
situation where I thought we were you know maybe the better team but didn’t
you know didn’t come through in the end with just a couple more errors Wow you
know I’ve talked about that a lot lately but um you know kidney place that guy’s
just been you know the utility player for us and she’s just spend that kid we
cannot keep off the court or take off the court for the last four years and
you know in a first season as the Libero she’s just been outstanding I just don’t
think I see anybody who plays that liberal position better than her and
it’s her first season playing it Kayla Rossmann has been you know just a role
player for us through the years and became just a fantastic leader this year
just you know a kid that did whatever little thing needed to be done to make
sure that the team was successful it was like you know looking back on it
I’m sure what we’re gonna feel like it’s it was a really great season we did so
many things you know we won a lot of games we want a lot of really and you
know good games against good teams we’ve only lost two teams that you know are
with us in the top 25 certainly I feel like we’re you know one of the top teams
in the nation and and this this group of players has really put together a really
outstanding body of work and the whole season really has just been you know one
small improvement after another through the whole year
so it’s hard to end on a loss it’s hard to end when you feel like you didn’t
have the best game that you could have but certainly we’re very very proud of
about either work and we’re certainly really proud of you know where we’ve
come in the last ten months you know looking forward it’ll be great you know
we have we have 11 players coming back and they’ve been led really well by some
fantastic seniors so you know they will really have some standards and some
expectations on them we have a great group of freshmen coming in who all just
signed a couple days ago so you know we’re really excited about all that but
right now I think it’s really more about just you know enjoying our last little
bit of time together with this 2018 team and you know just enjoying some of the
things that they’ve accomplished

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