Volleyball with a BABY?!!

– [Announcer] We’ll do
the older ones after this, but I need 12 and younger. You have to be 12 years or younger. – [Cameraman] Nicely done, Lee. – That’ll never happen again. – Chest bump. This is how we’re starting
the day, horseshoes. Jenny and Brandon are on a team. Jandon or Brenny. – Brenny.
– Brenny. – Team ShaunDad, Shaun and Dad. What’s up dude, how are ya’? – Am I in the vlog? – [Shonduras] You’re in it. – Yes! – Dad’s warming up. Like I said, warming up. That’s a point, maybe. You ready for this? It’s all about the form. You know, that’s a warm up. That’s a point! See, I’m good at this stuff. Serious business, we’re raking the court, the field, the pit. We’re raking the pit. Someone’s in the pit. Dad’s first throw. They’ve got a leaner. Things aren’t looking
good, but I trust my dad. Oh! I’m up. Brandon, film. I’m gonna get some points.
– Okay. Out. Close. – [Brandon] Is your dad doing good? – Go dada. – Woo! Wahoo! Chest bump. (laughing) (upbeat music) We need one more point. Oh, we definitely need one more point. Please. We won! Oh my gosh! Dad! He put me in his backpack
and he carried me to victory, that’s what dads are for! Adlee, we won! Go give papa high five! Papa, interview time. They had two of them close to the pin, I was like Dad, you gotta get on the top, and what did you do? – Double ringer
– Double ringer – Two on top. – Two points, that’s like six points. Yeah. We were just playing around. We found out that they
are the number one team that’s won, how many times in a row? – I think the last two years. – The last two years,
and we knocked ’em out. Keep carrying me dad, you’re doing good. – All right, say Go, papa. – I just make us look good, and papa gets the points. Adlee, let me see your pigtails. Can I see your other one? Oh, that’s so cute. She just keeps showing
everyone her pigtails, she’s super proud of ’em. Comment about her
pigtails, she’ll love it. Someday, when she can read comments. – [Fan] I made this for you guys. – Wow. – [Shonduras] Brandon, the panda bear. – With a sword! – A panda bear with a
sword, it doesn’t get better than that. – Oh, look, Pookie’s a mouse,
we’re getting that cheddar. – [Shonduras] That fat cheddar. Mae, we love it, thank you. Mmm. We’re doing some ice cream
between horseshoe rounds. We got the Boston hat for mom. – Ha! – What’s your strategy? – We are just going to get it in the dirt. – That’s a good strategy. Oh, Brandon with a toss. What about that strategy
you were talking about? – Eh, we could use some work. – [Shonduras] Oh! Good strategy. Brandon just got a ringer! Everyone say Go Brandon
on three, one, two, three. – [Kids] Go Brandon! – [Shonduras] Yeah! Whoa, I think he stole it. Nice. This is Jenny’s fan club right here. You want a vlog? Okay, hold it, go film Jenny. She’s up. – [Cameraman] Let’s go. – I’m a savage. – [Shonduras] Hi mom. Did you get the shot? – Yeah, I got it. – [Shonduras] He got the shot. How’s the game going? – We’re losin’. – [Shonduras] How much? – By three. – [Shonduras] That kid
keeps getting ringers. – I know. – [Shonduras] Brandon, get a ringer. Oh! Ooh, hey, good job. That’s your fan club. What? – [Fan] Here you go. – [Shonduras] This is for me? – [Fan] Yep. – [Shonduras] Dude, cheers! This is my buddy. See when he was growing up,
he was just a little kid in cowboy boots, we used to hang out. – Yep. – Now he’s a big kid without cowboy boots. Final update, they lost by two points. It was close, but that kid right there, he kept getting ringers. Kid, if you’re watching this video, you were really good. So me and my dad gotta
carry on the horseshoe tradition now. We will do it. Hey, did you see Adlee got a Boston cup? – How cute! – She picked it out herself. – I bet that’ll fit her head, too. – [Shonduras] Bye, Brandon. – Bye. – Adlee, bye. Everyone’s going home to
take naps and eat lunch. Even Adlee. You gonna go take a nap? Dang, that shirt is fabulous. Are you going Mrs. Duras? Jenny’s new name, Mrs. Duras. We got this. Made it to another round. I’m not filming all this ’cause you guys can only watch so much horseshoes before you’re like, dislike, no more horseshoes. (laughing) Maybe we’ll do a time lapse of this one. But, it is an important time
lapse, this is like finals. (upbeat music) Change of plans. Horseshoe time lapse is really boring, I’ll just film a little bit. Two-four? Two-four. Ho! We’re doing some
professional measuring here. Three-and-a-quarter, three-and-a-quarter. The tape measure has
spoken, I got a point! What’s up? Good to see ya’. – Hi. – You’re in the vlog. This is the park I grew
up playing at right here. And this is new. Is your name on here? – My name is on here. – [Shonduras] Find it, where? – See this? I was not part of that. – [Shonduras] Okay (laughing) Army. – See this? – Oh, snap! That’s amazing. This is really awesome they did this. – You’re kind of on it. – [Shonduras] What do you mean? – So this is the donor wall. – [Shonduras] Hey, it’s our family! – We’re gonna get it done. – That’s awesome, cool motorcycle, man. So, cool part, we get
to ride a motorcycle. Not cool part, the motorcycle
is two million degrees. So just go for it. We gotta get to the space
station, we gotta get the video up for you guys. All my dads have cool toys. See guys, it’s cool to have two dads. (upbeat music) – Okay. – [Shonduras] Thank you for the ride. – You’re welcome. – We made it. Video’s going up. Good horseshoeing. Bye, dad. – Next year! – Next year, we’ll get ’em next year. Vlog is live, go enjoy it. Yesterday, guys. Brandon, good job. – Thanks. – Hey, I like the shirt. How was the race this morning? – It was good. – Brandon ran a race this morning. I was in the middle of
REM sleep at 7:00 a.m. and Brandon was running. – 6:00 a.m. – Okay, I wasn’t even
asleep yet at 6:00 a.m. (laughing) Vlog’s up, we gotta go
find Jenny, she’s at her sister’s house. I think I’m just gonna
one-wheel there, ’cause my dad dropped me off on the motorcycle. Let’s one-wheel to Jenny’s
sister’s house, go! (upbeat music) We made it. Let’s go see Adlee. Show grandma your pigtails. Aww, and the other side? Aww, they’re so pretty. Adlee, are you ready to go swimmin’? Bye. Adlee, you forgot your hat. Okay, good job. Okay, bye. One, two, three, jump! Woo. We went to Jenny’s sister’s house, we had a delicious lunch, I took a nap, now we’re back at my mom’s house and we’re gonna go swimmin’. (screaming) Do you wanna ask Sage
if she’ll go swimmin’? Where is she? Ask her. You gotta ask Sage. She’s over there. – Am I gonna come swimming? Yeah, I’ll come swimming. – [Shonduras] Can you say please? Oh, you can’t say no, now. – Yes, of course. – Hold this, ready? Okay Adlee, watch me
do a trick, two, three. Jordan, are you getting in? – [Jordan] Yeah. – Okay, when you get in,
I have a really good idea. We’re gonna pass Adlee over
the net for the thumbnail and say volleyball with the baby. – [Grandma] Oh, no you’re not. No you’re not. – That is a great idea. – [Grandma] No you’re not. – We’ll wait ’til grandma leaves. (laughing) Okay. – Tuck your knees in. – Put your legs in. Two… (cheering) – Okay, one more. Adlee, you wanna be the thumbnail? – Okay. One, two, three. (cheering) Best thumbnail ever. Click it. Okay, are we goin’ to see the fireworks? Are you excited? We’ll be fun today, huh? Oh, and mom is on the one-wheel. Hi mom. ♫ Dance, dance, dance, dance We’re dancin’ before the fireworks. ♫ Just dance, dance ♫ Can’t stop the feelin’ Adlee doesn’t like the fireworks. We’re heading out before
they even start, huh Adlee? Yeah. Oh, and fireworks are comin’
at you hot from our boy Pookie, I think he took
the drone to the fireworks. So enjoy that right now. – What’s up everyone, it is
your favorite, the Pookies. 4th of July morning,
we’re just going out for a quick little walk. Yeah, so I’m gonna go fly the drone today, and show you guys how easy it is. So I’ve never flown the drone before, it’s always sitting at the office. It’s just all lonely. Once in a while, Chicken will take it out for a flight. But from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty easy. So literally all I’ve done so far, Chicken has done the initial setup, so I’m not sure what those
steps are, but all I’ve done is hooked in the phone to the controller and turned it on, and it just auto syncs. Hold your joysticks in
like that and it starts rotating ’em, other than
that, I’m just gonna be able to figure it out by myself. It seems pretty easy. (upbeat music) So we just got done, first
drone experience flying it around the park. Seems super easy, super
self-intuitive, is that a good word? I don’t know, user friendly? We shot a couple shots. Unfortunately, the SD card
that was in there is full. So I’m gonna have to go
home and throw all that footage on a computer, empty it up, and we’re actually traveling
up through the mountains a little bit today, so maybe
we can get some cool shots there and hopefully some
fireworks shots later on tonight. Round two, flying the drone. We’re headed to my friend’s
house, they live up through this canyon on the
other side of the mountain. I thought it would be a pretty
cool place to fly the drone. So there’s a little river
down there, I’m gonna fly, get some nice artistic shots. (upbeat music) – This is called Operation Remove Adlee Without Her Waking Up. Very dangerous procedure,
but I think I’m ready. – Yeah, you can do it. – All right, don’t wake her up. It’s called Don’t Wake the Baby. That’s what it’s called. I changed the name. Now it’s called Don’t Wake the Baby. It’s a better name, it’s more catchy. ♫ Don’t wake the baby – It’s like a game. You could buy it at the store. – Yeah, that’d be a cool game. That could be a VR game. Don’t Wake the Baby, and be like whoa… – You should market that. – Don’t take that idea. (whimpering) Shhh. (laughing) – [Jenny] He did it. (upbeat music) – That was such a bad idea!

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  1. I can't believe how much Adley has grown up! She is talking so good! Also he pigtails look ADORABLE!!! πŸ™‚

  2. My heart stopped every time she was in the air until she was in someone's arms. I gotta give it to him. You make your vlogs so entertaining and man she is such a cutie. Love the little munchkin

  3. Guys: No handy is actually less dangerous than wearing no helmet while driving the motorcycle XD
    Also a quick tipp in case a thousand persons didn't comment that already: Maybe Adley is just scared of the loud noises. Babys actually have a way better hearing than adults. Try giving her some ear protection next time maybe it works πŸ™‚

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  5. Adley has grown up so much I can't believe she is talking by the way those pig tails are so cute πŸ‘§πŸΌ

  6. OMGosh! I started the video where the freeze frame was and I skipped ahead and landed on where the freeze frame was in the video! That's amazing!

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