Volleyballschuhe 2019/20 – Adidas Stabil X, ein Modell aus dem Handball

Hello dear volleyball fans, the new Stabil X from Adidas is here. Although there is no update in the name, there are still some differences, especially in the flat version. Which one exactly, we’ll show you now. The Stabil X is the handball model from Adidas and is an extremely stable shoe. This is available in the midcut version with a higher shaft and in the flat version. Both models were newly released in 2019, but are built differently. The Mid-Cut variant is still like the model we know from 2018, but the flat model has certainly changed a bit. On the one hand the upper material is new made. In former times a Mesh-Upper was processed in the forefoot and was replaced now by a rubber material. In addition, the Booty sock in the new model is made of a fabric material. This is very coarse meshed and breathable. But here in front you don’t see any possibility that the air can escape from the shoe. The upper material of this model is made of one piece, also the struts are embedded directly into the upper material. How is the Stabil X constructed at all? The Booty construction provides a pleasant wearing comfort. The sock is surrounded by an uppercase, which guarantees a lot of stability in the midfoot area by additional struts. In the forefoot area, a PU material is processed which is considerably more flexible than in the middle foot. An Adidas booster sole is incorporated as damping material. The damping foam is very reactive. The energy is stored during the landing and also released to the athlete again. The outsole has remained the same. Here you have an asymmetrical pattern in front, here the pivot point is missing, which is typically known from volleyball. But the Stabil X is also a handball model. In the back you can see again many struts, which lead to a good stability. The Stabil X is the handball model from Adidas, but is also interesting for volleyball players. Especially for all volleyball players who are looking for a lot of stability and good cushioning. The Stabil X is a unisex model, i.e. suitable for men and women of the same size. However, the shoe is based on the men’srist, which is why the model is somewhat wider, especially for women. The Stabil X is rather stiffer. We therefore recommend the shoe especially to the bigger and heavier players. If you liked the review, please leave us a comment or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll never miss a review. Take care and see you next time!

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