Volvo Trucks – The Flying Passenger (Live Test)

The paraglider’s on the road.
Can you pick him up? OK, let’s do it. OK, here we go. – Are you all right?
– Yes. – There’s a tractor ahead.
– Don’t slow down. Keep your speed. Great. It’s getting really steep now. I’m too close to the ground. – Faster, faster!
– OK. Pick me up. – Are you good?
– I’m fine. – OK, tunnel ahead.
– I got it. Down more. Down more. OK, here we go. Faster, faster. Take me up. Thanks for the ride.

13 thoughts on “Volvo Trucks – The Flying Passenger (Live Test)

  1. Your vids and test id fantástic , great job, this is a best marketing….( there is an amazing vídeo oficial a child Who escapes being run over by Volvo brakes…..he is circulating on the internet, he even showed It on the televisión news un my country.

  2. The best advert with paragliders ever! Passing the tunnel is the most amazing and breathtaking moment! Cool job! Worth Cannes Lions.

  3. Croatia is the perfect country for performing tests like this, because everyone has gone to Germany, so there's no one to get in the way 🙂

  4. Good morning !! I'm Carlos ,I'm from Brazil. When we get the i shift Box with dual clutch in Brazil ? I'm fan of VOLVO trucks .I'm a truck driver ,i've been a mechanic in the past and i have some notion of mechanical truck Engineering. One day i would like to set up a 0.78 : 1 volvo over drive ATO 2612f transmision with a 3,78 : 1 rateio Axis and test on a engine with 540 hp ,thank you ,contact 55 62 981401785 WhatsApp .

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