Volvo Trucks – The Flying Passenger: Meet the heroes behind the gravity-defying paragliding stunt

Stand by. Here we go. Shooting. I’ve never done this before,
fly two or three metres above the road. We need perfect synchronisation
between everything. So it’s a constant variable the whole
time to keep our guy in the air. – 50. Stop. We should stop.
– Stop, stop, stop. It’s not a simple trick we’re gonna do. I’ve been a truck driver
for about 12 years now. So I drive a 540,
which is the same horsepower as this. I think I’m quite careful and
sympathetic to the vehicle, I suppose. I don’t like hearing revving engines
and crunching gears. You sort of adopt a relationship
with them, I guess, like a comfy pair of jeans. Yeah, I like my truck. It’s gonna look hard case having a paraglider attached to my truck
in the mirror. – Do you have a good mirror?
– Yes, I do. I’ll be watching you. The truck that I drive at home
is the old model and you get the delay
between your changes, whereas this one doesn’t
and that’s the difference. That’s what’s gonna keep you afloat. In paragliding we can’t start like that. We have to start gently,
and for the break also. The balance between the truck
and the paragliding will be, I think, really good. Here we go. And roll cameras, please. It’s actually been kind of strange
because I have had to get so quick, like we’re getting up to 65Ks, that I have to really watch
where I’m going, to be honest. All I want to do is watch him, but I have to do my part
and concentrate on what I’m doing. It’s like a new feeling because you know
you have the truck in front of you and it’s going faster and faster and all the time
you have the line pulling you. But they say the truck drives
really smoothly and it seems like
she knows what she’s doing, so let’s hope for the best.

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