Vox Borders: India is coming next week!

Hello everyone, my name is Johnny and I’m
really excited to tell you that Borders is back. A couple of months ago I stood right here,
I pulled down this map and I told you that I was going to India. And then I went. It was an amazing and very enlightening experience. I actually started in Sri Lanka, moved over
into southern India, and then traversed the whole subcontinent up to the very north, to
the state of Punjab at the border of Pakistan. I’ve been sitting at this desk editing so
much of this footage, animating it, doing all of this work to make it beautiful and
exciting and fun to watch. Okay I’m at the airport now, gotta go catch
a flight. But I’m really excited about this season of
Borders and I hope you’ll tune in. Starting next week on the YouTube channel
as well as at facebook.com/VoxBorders which is our Watch Page. And then finally, you should definitely check out
the Vox Video Lab, which is a membership program that we have at Vox that helps support our
videomaking. I’m gonna be making some behind-the-scenes
content of Borders India that I’m going to be giving to the members of the Video Lab. If you want to support our videomaking as
well as get some behind the scenes stuff, go join the Video Lab. I still have some editing to do, so I’m going
to do that on the airplane. And I hope you’ll tune in next week for Vox
Borders: India.

100 thoughts on “Vox Borders: India is coming next week!

  1. I’m so excited to share with you these episodes we’ve been working so hard on. They start next week, June 26th and if you want a notification right as we publish, you have some options:
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    -By email: sign up for the Borders newsletter and we’ll send each new episode straight to your inbox: http://www.vox.com/borders-email
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  2. Really like your videos and you went to India at the right time. So many things happening in india right now. Elections just got over, summer is at its peak because of which many states are going through the worst drought conditions. Excited for eagerly waiting.

  3. Come to india's northeast.. its filled with border issues with its neighbouring countries. I'm sure you will find interesting.

  4. @Johnny Harris: Which Daypack/Backpack do you use for traveling at 01:03? It would be great if you could do a "What is in my bag" / "tech tour" on your private channel! 😎👍

  5. Watch out for the Modi Bhakts, who will attack you viciously on Twitter if you talk about issue like Caste or Religion or even the environment and Indian Corps or any criticism of Modi 2.0. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do it.

  6. Hope you'll not be like those BBC, NYT or WSJ reporters
    Please show some positive side of India rather than criticizing it again
    Or showing Indias poverty


  7. Hi Johnny, love all of your videos! I live in New Delhi anytime your in india you can contact me! Hope you had a great time in India

  8. Can't wait for VOXBorders to return! Johnny you are doing some amazing videos please do not slow down anytime too soon!

  9. Wow! Excited. Please edit Out the chicken tikka masala part if you've perfunctorily included it for the feels. 😛

  10. So you didnt go to Kashmir? Why tf would you make a borders video if you don’t go to a major place where border problems exist.

  11. Even I as a Indian super excited… I watched your Hong Kong series… I must say … I could see the hard work you have put on in it … you are doing great work .. keep doing 🙌🏻✨

  12. Do talk about how South India (Dravidians) are marginalised in India. And the Hindu terrorists lynching people.

  13. i am looking forward for your video but please take care of yourself, eat healthy , and just take care of yourself

  14. What is this art of video making called?
    What way do i start?
    I really want to learn and do so.
    Just watched the india-pakistan border video you made. Awesome.

  15. how about visiting the eastern border of India..The boder between West Bengal(Indian state) & Bangladesh(at time of partition known as East Pakistan)..both area has same language Bengali

  16. Please do some research on Bangladesh and Bangladesh's recent events…
    I will be waiting for the video on this..
    and hopefully there will more than one video.

  17. Please don’t come to India. Don’t smear our young democracies name with your false, convoluted liberal narrative.

    Thanks Johnny

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