VT Tree Stump Damage

oh boy let’s go see you ahead Travis and I set mom up to Harrow all of
that oats ground that we had sown yesterday and I’m gonna keep on working
with the BT Travis is wrapping up the last beam ground hopefully today you
probably can’t see him from here but he’s just disappearing over the hillside
there so today we should be done planting beans and then it’s all gonna
be corn from here on out we’re still pretty far behind as far as planting
goes but we hope to get caught up in the next two days here they’re calling for
rain here within two days so we’re gonna get as much done as we can today in this
short of timeframe as possible oh boy let’s go see what I hit low and behold
hiding in the grass it’s a tree stump so I was up here with the VT I was doing a
pass around the outside of this field here and I just reached the end of my
past I was gonna back up totally my fault
and I was gonna back up and just lightly turn so that I could get around make a
90-degree turn without running over into the neighbors grass or it’s not exactly
grass looks like already but anyway was gonna make a left turn backed up a
little bit and that tree was right there and this is what it did so it looks like we’re gonna need a new
bar in the back here this is bent this plate is destroyed I could I’m kind of
thinking right now is that until I get the parts which I can get them like
usually I get them same day shipping so have them taste Tuesday I should have
the parts by Thursday but can’t believe it
I can’t believe this so this is the same one that we had some issues with before
I can’t remember what happened with it but as you can see there
bolt fell out I’m gonna head back to the farm figure out what I’m gonna do just
to keep running I think what we’re gonna end up doing is running out these four
bolts over here and then popping this off until we can get the parts and good
thing about this is that these parts are pretty module modular like I said you
can just swap them out even this beam back here I should be able to take this
all apart and reassemble it myself all right I’m gonna head back to the
buildings figure out what I’m gonna do go from there
we’re limping back to the buildings I have to take it real slow because the
bolt that is in that support arm is broken and if that comes off of there
I could really mess up the other side to have a closer look now luckily the basket itself looks good
right now what I’m gonna need are this end plate here which bolts through the
support beam it is as you can see is bent so I’m gonna need this plate the
beam support arm up there because that is bent the far one looks good I need to
hook it down a little bit closer though scratch that that one is not good as you
can see there’s warping right there and there but other than that I’m just gonna
disassemble this and figure out what I need
so both the support arms the support beam and then that plate or what I’m
gonna need oh all right plan B good down I would pick it up but I don’t want to
put undue stress on the cage is that so good waiting right here all right time to go
back up into that corner and try not to hit a stump this time yeah I’m just cutting that corner this
time she still works good even though the
rolling basket on the far right of the machine is off it still does a really
good job at prepping the seed bed it just doesn’t pack it down quite as
much as it should and here are the parts so we’re gonna be putting the machine
back together here in the next few coming days but essentially what we’re
gonna be focusing on is finishing up everything that we can do to plant so
that’ll be probably after we get done planning so that’s about it for this
video my schedule is probably gonna be a little wonky here over the next few days
just because I have a whole bunch of videos that I want to get out since I
had the time now to start editing so with that thanks for watching be sure to
check out all of our other videos be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and
I’ll see you next time

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