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and hit that bell to turn on notifications. Oh, Baldy! What?!>>Hi.>>What are you doing here?>>Welcome to my school house.>>He’s just poking
his head out. He’s saying hello. Oh! [Captions by Y Translator] Hello everybody! I am Kindly Keyin and
welcome back to Roblox. This is Roblox,
but it’s Granny. But this is Roblox. This is a very cool re-creation
of Granny in Roblox, and I’m very excited to try it out. So, as you can see right off the bat,
it looks a lot like the game and you can actually
click the thing. Like, you can tap the screen
and close the bear trap. That’s awesome. Let’s play it. We have all the settings. We can do darker mode,
we can change it to normal. What, what? You got unlock nightmare mode? Interesting. Wait, what happens
if I go back? Store? Oh, okay. So you can enable a flashlight
which lightens darker areas. Maybe, maybe I’ll do that just
so that you guys can see it better. And then there’s also nightmare mode,
which maybe, we’ll try later, but let’s first just do normal,
see how this goes. Okay. This is like, exactly the same. This is so cool. Alright, here we go. Day 1. Yeah, there it is. Granny’s house. Does it have the music? It sounds like it. Sounds like. Maybe? It’s kind of just ambient noise. I don’t know if it has actual music. Yeah, that’s… Oh yeah, it does. It’s got the the weird ting
ting ting ting, weird music. Alright, I can I
pick up the jar? Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I made noise. Oh, granny looks weird. Oh, it’s not done yet. This section on the house
is not yet complete. Okay. Keep in mind
that this is an alpha. So there’s still
work to be done but this is still
really cool, so far. What?
There’s no secret area? Oh no. Okay, alright. So we’re a little limited
in where we can go, and what we can do. But I guess that’s okay. We can still explore this. We got the hammer,
and what are we going to use the hammer for? I guess all we really need the hammer
for at this point would be to remove the 2×4 that’s on Granny’s front door. Oh, what do you? Granny, why are you
just looking over there? Uhh. Okay, alright. You know what,
you just keep doing that. Ooh. Pliers, don’t mind if I do. Pick those up. Whoa! Okay, she’s getting a little closer
than I would like. We can’t go outside either. I was hoping that there
was a little bit more to the house to be honest with you. And I guess that’s okay. Let’s– Oohhh okay, I’m gonna clip that right there. Okay, that’s pretty cool
that it’s actually working the same way that it does in the game. Okay. Let’s go in here, clip that guy. Okay. So we took care of all that. But, now where do we go? Is there… No, there’s no garage. Okay, so we’re going to have
to explore her kitchen. Oh no, she’s right here. Wait, what is this? The code. Okay, we can use this to remove
the number lock that’s up here. Okay, I don’t know
what she is doing. Okay, she’s chasing me now. So yeah, that’s pretty cool. Let’s check these drawers, see
if anything’s in here. Nope. Nothing there. She talks, just like she
does in the full game. It’s pretty amazing that
people can do this in Roblox. Oh! There’s a big old… This is the safe key. Okay. Safe key, was in the microwave. Granny, what is going on? Her AI isn’t the smartest
thing in the world is it? Probably still needs
to be slightly optimized. Let’s go ahead, get that there. Okay, nice. And then what’s the blue key? The blue key is the padlock. It’s padlock. She just keeps talking. She keeps talking. Are you done talking, lady? Let me get this. Right, right? Yeah. Okay, we got rid of that. Okay. So what’s left? All that’s left
is the master key. Where would the master key be? One of these drawers or cabinets? I don’t see anything over there. I’m kind of stuck inside
of these cabinets. It’s not cool. Maybe I have to get in here? She’s gonna get me, though. She’s she’s– Aah! Oohh. Oohh. I didn’t like that. Did not like seeing
Granny’s face up close and personal like that. Okay, where’s the master keys? Is it one of these drawers? Oh, the bathroom. I haven’t even
explored the bathroom. Yeah, okay. It’s got to be in here, right? Check the sinks,
check the toilet! Toilet, it’s always
in the toilet. So I think we’re done. I think we already finished this
in like, five minutes. That didn’t take very long. Yeah. Yeah, we beat it. Let’s see the ending. Do we get like
the proper ending? So far, it looks just
like the ending. Do we get?
The end. There it is. And then is she going
to run at the screen? Is she gonna… She gonna pop-up? No?
No pop-up. No granny face pop-up. So that was really really cool. It does a great job
of recreating Granny in Roblox. I’m impressed! I just wish there was a little bit more
but admittedly it’s still very early. It’s an alpha build,
they’re still adding on to it. You guys should check it out though. I will have a link in the
description down below. But now, there is another granny map
that is even more popular than this one. It’s going gangbusters. I think there’s like 16,000
people playing it right now, which is impressive. So let’s go to that one
and try it out. Okay, so here we are
in yet another Granny remake which has the menu here. Can we click
on the the bear trap? You can’t click
on the bear trap. That’s a little disappointing. What kind of stuff
can we get though? In the shop, we can buy money? What are we gonna do with money? Are these an axe? Can I go after granny? Ooh, it’s got different dresses. Do these go on granny
or do they go on us? I don’t know. You got all kinds of inventory. You can upgrade yourself, I guess. That’s interesting. Let’s play. Let’s just see what it’s like. It looks like there are other
players in the game with us. It’s not like the other one that we played
where we were pretty much on our own, we were by ourselves. In this one, you’ve got
other people with you– What is going on here? This does not look
like Granny’s house at all. What is this? Granny is living
in a different house? Oh, this is really weird. I’m very confused right now. What exactly are we doing? Are we looking for items
that will get us out of here, is that our goal? Is the big old exit? It’s like we’re in Granny’s school right now. That’s creepy. Can we… Okay, we can go inside
of these classrooms. What is that? Is this something that I need? Is this a projector? It’s a drill! What in the world am I
going to do with a drill? Actually, there was
like these weird brick walls. Oh! Granny’s over there. Oh. So someone is playing
as granny against us? Is that what’s happening? I don’t know. I’m a little confused. But, I do want to try this drill up
against one of those walls, like this right here. Let’s see if we
can bust through this. Yeah! Okay. And then we found the master key. but what are we going to do
with the master key? Also, what is this? Is this is a green
key card of some sort. I don’t know. I can’t actually pick it up. I just– I kicked it. Okay, are there any other brick
walls that we can bust through? That is a good question. I have a drill. Oh, Baldy! What?!>>Hi. What are you doing here?>>Welcome to my school house.>>He’s just poking his head out to say hello. Oh! No! Bad, Baldy! Very bad baldy! Okay, was not expecting that. Okay. That did not sound
like baldy either. It sounded like a completely
different person, different thing, altogether. Okay, we’ve got
another brick wall here. So, bust through that. And then where’s this
going to take us? Remember, we have the master key
but we don’t exactly know what to do with it. Is that a hammer? That is a hammer. Okay, I’m going to grab
the hammer because I feel like I’m gonna use it somewhere. Not sure yet. Not sure where, yet. Wait, maybe we can. Oh! Okay, we need pliers. We need pliers for this. Okay. Okay, we’re piecing it together. It’s basically all
of the granny puzzles, but in this creepy granny school
with baldy running up at windows. It’s freaky. Oh no. I need my– I need my hammer,
not my hammer, my drill. Okay. Got my drill back,
let’s use this bad boy to bust through this brick wall over here. Here we go, okay. Ah, the pliers. Yes! Okay, I will take
these with me. I will continue in this– Oh! Okay. Hello Granny. She’s not doing
anything though. Oh no, how do we… How do we deal with this? This is an interesting situation. Is there anything
I can do with this? No. Nothing I can do with that. Okay. Let’s go back to this room
and let’s try to cut the wire that’s up against this wall over here. We do have a limited
amount of time. So that’s not great. There is blue and
red wires going this way, and there’s blue and red wires
coming out of that junction box. So I don’t know
if this is a hint for us? This is some kind of clue? Is this going to lead us– What?! My game ended! But I was doing so good. That’s a bummer. Alright. So I went ahead and I
upgraded my character a little bit so that they move a little bit faster. Let’s try this again. I– see, I didn’t see
this window last time. This is interesting so there’s
different maps it looks like. So, one person plays as Granny,
and then all the other characters have to figure out how to get out. That is actually pretty cool,
and now we’re in Granny’s house. So we should be a little bit more familiar
with what we’re dealing with here. So we want to grab cogwheel,
we’ve got the playhouse key out here too. So we want to get these guys
out into the backyard. Now, funny is the granny
and they’re chasing us down. So, we need to watch out
for them, obviously. He found a hammer,
that’s pretty sweet. I don’t know if we’re
all working together. I’m going to take this
all the way outside and I’m hoping that we
can get outside from here. We can… Can we, can we crouch? How do we crouch? Okay, C to crouch. Okay. So now, we can go this way. What is that? Ooh, that’s a piece of the gun. I don’t know if we have
to put it together. I don’t know if we get the weapon
key and the gun option. This is pretty cool though. Okay, I made it out
into the backyard. Is there anything out here? Doesn’t really look
like there’s much out here. Ooh, that is the gun barrel. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead
and drop the cog, right here. And then, I guess I’ll take a part
of the shotgun and take this down into the garage
because what else am I going to do right now? Hello. You have the hammer, So… Where you going? Are you going this way? You gonna? Come on. Let’s get this guy out of here.
You gonna take that hammer? Okay, there you go. Alright. I’m gonna go down
into the garage, okay? So yeah, I’m not sure if there’s
only one of each item or if they re-spawn? Or they spawn in different spots
for different people. I just– I don’t know. We’re going to have to find out,
let’s go ahead and put this here. That didn’t seem to work exactly
the way that I was expecting it to but I will take the melon with me
and let’s go chop this in the guillotine. I have the watermelon– What?! My game stopped again. What is going on here? There’s something wonky going on
with these servers. I really really like the concept,
of this game mode it’s just… It keeps kicking me out
and that’s very upsetting. Oh, dear. Am I granny? I’m granny. Okay! I get to be granny. That’s, that’s pretty cool. Maybe it kicks me out
because we lose, because like, granny killed one
of my friends or something? I don’t know. “You are granny,
wake up in eight seconds”. So everybody else
is walking around right now, and I’m just sleeping Granny. Okay. Oh. Here we go! We are the granny. Oh, this is so cool. Want to play hide-and-seek? I see you. I’m chasing her,
I’m chasing her down. Oh, you have
the play house key. Oh no, Granny’s stuck!
Granny’s stuck in the door. Granny’s greatest enemy, doors. Oh, hello. You’re– Okay, I’m gonna hit you
with this bat. Okay. Alright, you got knocked out. Sorry buddy. Also, how do these
bear traps work? It says I have 0 of 5. Hey, you’re in a dent,
that’s a bad spot for you to be, dude. Oh man, this is awesome. Alright. So there’s one more kind of wandering
around the house, I think. I need to find them. Want to play hide-and-seek? It’s a terrible Granny impression,
but it’s the best I can do. I hear doors opening
and closing but I don’t know exactly where
the noise is coming from. So, are the characters
that I knocked out just permanently knocked out? Oh, you’re done! You’re done little lady. Haha! Got them! Is there anyone left? Oh! Someone just made a noise. I hear noises. I think they might be outside? Let’s go out here. Oh no, that’s not gonna work. Gotta get on this side of the door. Okay, are you out here? Is a sneaky person out here? No, no one’s out here. Okay, then we will
continue our hunt. I see you. Oh, there you are! There you are. Yes, slowly back away. Slowly back away. You’re done,
you’re done, buddy. You– Got them! Okay, is that it? Did I win? Am I the ultimate granny? I think I am. I don’t hear any more noises. Is there anybody else here? Do I just get to live
in my house now, in peace? Without people
invading my home? I don’t know. I’m very confused. I’m pretty sure that I won but it’s kind of hard to tell. This game mode is
super super cool. It’s a fun idea. I like the idea of having
one person playing as Granny and then multiple other
people trying to escape her but it is a little finicky. You, you, come here. Where are you going bacon head? No you– There’s no hiding. There’s no hiding. You cannot escape
the might of Granny. So is that it? I got to be granny! We’ve never had that experience,
we’ve never been able to be Granny. I think we won,
and there you go. We won. We are the greatest Granny
the world has ever seen. I’ve watched her. I’ve analyzed her. I’ve become the perfect granny. But there you have it guys,
two separate Granny games in Roblox. First one, very very
accurate recreation of Granny. I will have a link in the description below so that you guys can try it out. Hopefully it will get updated soon
so that it adds more of the levels because it is very easy to beat
and Granny’s a little… Dumb, for lack
of a better term. She was looking
at walls… a lot. Maybe those walls were
interesting, I don’t know. And then we played this one,
which is like a completely different take on Granny. It’s a completely different
mode and it’s a lot of fun. I got to be granny! I got to win as granny. Now I get it. Now I get why granny is
so excited to hit everybody with those bats. It’s just… There’s something very
satisfying about taking the win when your Granny. But guys, that’s gonna do it
for this episode of Roblox. I hope that you
guys enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to hit that
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