26 thoughts on “warming up with a weighted bat or club

  1. Pro and amateur players should warm up with the bat or club that they will be using. Amateur especially should follow this practice.

  2. goldentube64, are you talking about BAT speed or BALL speed? I suspect the latter. How would you even measure your BAT speed w/o measuring the BALL speed?

  3. goldentube64. the batspeed measurer was on the hand closest to the batter, which makes the reading slower than if it on the end of the bat.. thjats probably why u think ur better. ur not…..

  4. He can swing faster than that he is swinging fast enough to hit the ball coming out of the pitching machine. Never thought of that huh?

  5. Baseball is a very psychologically based game and if a hitter thinks he has the upper hand by using a weighted bat then let him use it. There is not enough thought put into this investigation and I will continue to use the weighted bat.

  6. There is a difference between warming up with and training with a weighted bat. Perhaps warming up with one isn't a great idea, but I would definitely train with a weighted bat.

  7. this, like all episodes is kind of a sham. a 0.7mph difference on 10 reps is probably not significantly different. too bad they don't show any variation in the population of reps. the average is relatively meaningless in comparisons w/o the variance. I hate these fake-ass science shows, it gives my job a bad name.

  8. so if you warm up with a lighter bat and it trains your fast twitch muscles would that increase your bad speed??

  9. This is all true. But if u like circles with the weighted bat and don't actually swing it will give the bat a lighter feel and it will give you a quicker swing.

  10. this may be true but to me personally, hitting is 75% confidence and 25% skill/timing. but if i FEEL like it does something for me i will continue to do so.

  11. The result is typically the same for Boxing or Punching , in general . With all these examples ( golf , Baseball and Boxing ) an athlete loses the " snap " to their swing / punch and , as such , the ball no longer jumps off the bat , club and the Punch lacks the power . In Boxing a guy can train him / her self to push the punch instead of snap the punch and that will lessen the result .

  12. My late husband ! Coach Rod Wilson always believed in this . Get rid of the weighted bat . Train your mind to swing quickly. He use to get his players to swing broom sticks for warm up. They use to laughter at him at the time but it worked pretty well for his players! Now I see he was right!

  13. Measuring hand-speed through the zone, which is what gyros ON thE HANDLE do, is somewhat insignificant. It's the head and barrel of the of the bat that contact the ball and the end of the bad is travelling significantly faster.

    When the wrists break the bat rotates and the bathead whips around… your arms and wrists (where the handle gyros are measuring) travel the same speed so you cannot gauge how fast the part of the bat striking the ball is travelling… unless your hitting the ball with the knob of the bat.

    A better device for measuring batspeed is with a reflector sticker on the end of the bat head and swinging in front of a sensor that sees the reflector cross by it. Measureing true bathead speed.

    Also, a population size of one hitter with a sample size of a couple swings and no other deviation data or controls is pretty questionable basis for formulating any kind of idea, let alone "conclusoin"

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