Warrior Hockey

Playing hockey with veterans, helping
veterans, that’s what helps me. Being around these guys helps me. Finding guys who need to reach out to a VSO for help with something — being able to facilitate that… Just that military camaraderie is
the piece that helps me out. (Sound of hockey sticks slapping ice) Yeah we’ve got members [with] both physical, mental disability you know it’s hard for them to share their story, but when you talk to them it’s just that little bit of relief they get when
they’re in the locker room and on the team and you know just being back around a unit environment is fun for them. So it’s pretty good. (Sound of hockey sticks slapping ice) A lot of the guys are you know, they’re trained Soldiers, and it shows on the ice: that
competitiveness, that warrior ethos comes out. But afterwards it’s always, you know,
get out and celebrate, have a good time, and hang out. A little banter back
and forth never hurt anybody, right?

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