Watching Baseball Is Punishment

(thunder claps) (door creaks) (dramatic music) (thunder claps) – Any last words? (thunder claps) Winston Hobart, after
being tried and convicted of murder in the first
by a jury of your peers, you have been condemned
to the harshest penalty allowed to the state: watching an entire game of baseball. (thunder claps) May God have mercy on your soul. (level clinks)
(electricity sizzles) – [Announcer] Hello, and
welcome to Livingston National Bank Park. – [Broadcaster] It’s a hot one, folks. The Pittsburgh Chiefs are
taking on the Cincinnati Natives in this third
(groans) in the series afternoon game. We’ve got a
(groans) beautiful afternoon for
baseball, which is definitely not bad or boring. – Jesus, it never gets easier. – [Broadcaster] This is
an exciting match up. (groans)
Last week, pitcher Morris Wood threw a perfect game.
(groans) – [Announcer] Perfection, of course, being no one hitting anything. What a thrill. – Bruce, this is inhumane. – It’s justice. He deserves everything he gets. – [Announcer] Bob Cashen
coming to the plate. – [Broadcaster] Cashen
has had an at bat in 461 other games this year. Amazing for this, his 37th season. – Ah! – Can’t they at least
get him a beer, or some carbs to eat? I can’t watch this. – [Broadcaster] Here’s the pitch, and… A bunt.
– Ahhh! – [Broadcaster] Pitcher, Jared
Bowlby shakes off the pitch. (dramatic music) And another. And another. – Ah, ah, ah. – [Broadcaster] Shakes off the pitch. – Ah, ahhh. – [Broadcaster] Shakes off the pitch. And another. – [Announcer] Jackson Aldridge
on his way to the plate with a 320 batting average,
or point 32; nothing like fractions in the afternoon. – [Broadcaster] And another.
– Ahh. – [Broadcaster] Shakes off the pitch. – [Announcer] Aldridge
pauses to weigh his bat or warm up or something. (gulps) – [Broadcaster] And another. – [Announcer] And it’s a hit! And he’s thrown out at first. Big hit! Foul ball. – Ahh. – [Broadcaster] It’s a hit! Thrown out at first. – No! It’s so boring! – [Broadcaster] He seems on the way (screams)
to the World Series where fans are treated
to the satisfaction of a mathematical elimination. – [Announcer] Baseball, the
sport for men in button downs. Baseball, where the fans
need a set time to stretch more than the players. Baseball, the only place besides church to hear organ music. (phone rings) – Death row. Yes, Governor. Understood. Gentlemen, switch it to soccer. – No! – Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor. Click here to subscribe to the channel. Click here for more fun stuff. And, sorry, you guys,
it feels like I’m out. Am I out? Cause I can like, I can
see the top of the camera, so it’s… Is this better? All right. It feels worse. Okay. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Watching Baseball Is Punishment

  1. Football is just as boring. 5 seconds of action then STOP. 3 seconds of action then STOP. 7 seconds of action STOP. it's like a traffic jam

  2. Gotta love all the rustled Europeans defending their futbul, meanwhile no one is defending baseball lol. Both are dull for non-fans, you can still enjoy either.

  3. Bunch of whiners….the best game. Where men fail7 out of 10 times and make the hall of fame..FAIL? I know,it hard for some of you snowflakes to grasp. What’s better ? Men in tights? Or men with shorts down past their knees?

  4. The Internet: The only place where people can argue about whether some guys kicking a ball or some guys throwing a ball is better.

  5. You know, if my wife came home one day and said that I had to stay inside all day Sunday and watch football, I'd scream………………noooooooooooooooo, what did I do to deserve this punishment? Why can't I go outside and cut the grass, or weed the flower beds? The inhumanity of it all. I feel Grant's pain.

  6. Soccer? Don't blame Americans people of the World, they want to watch merchandise and ads with a 15 minute sport break.

  7. Fun fact the reason its called soccer is cause the English (U.K.) called it socc and would usually add "er" to the end of words as slang so soccer moved to America and that's what Americans called it soccer but then Britain thought the word soccer sounded too American to they changed it to futbol

  8. mmm, yes yes, Indubitably indeed, baseball and football are among the most boring forms of entertainment.

  9. These guys don't know what they're doing. Baseball isn't boring at all! I played a ton of it on Wii Sports, so I know exactly what I'm talking about.

  10. Wtf americúnts don't you dare disrespect football ("sucker") it's obviously the most entertaining sport… wtf…


    Sorry, I've only been to three games and don't even like baseball that much, I just felt the need to defend the city I was born in, but never lived in.

  12. I was gonna like the video till you said switch it to soccer and he screamed “noooo!!” Damn it 😂😂

  13. I'm gonna assume American's are shit at "soccer"?

    Because that's the only reason to complain about watching it, at least people actually score without it taking 10 minutes like EVERY OTHER TELEVISED SPORT IN THE US

  14. Everyone who plays a sport thinks every other sport is boring and everyone who doesn’t play a sport thinks all sports are boring.

  15. I feel like I’d be more bored watching someone else watch baseball than I would be if I was watching baseball myself.

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