In order to lay the foundation for this, we’ve
got to examine ideas that are basic to our common sense, ideas are very powerful. giraffes are giraffing , trees are treeing,
stars are staring, clouds are clouding, rain is raining, and if you don’t understand look
at it again. and people are peopling. so when we say to ourselves you must go on the reason is you see” that we are not living in the eternal now the world, the physical world consists of two aspects , respectively, form and matter. I mean ‘c’razy. to have no fear , no attachments,
no hangups,, to be as free as the air. what are we made of ? which is, that which is so of itself the
Spontanous. you’ve described a scraggly, skeletal, fleshless,
list of abstractions, where as, if you were actually aware of what went on you could never
describe it. its through us, and through our eyes and senses, the universe is looking at itself. the mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. everything is a ”matter of form”. the translated illusion , although it also
means magic, creative power. and that comes from the latin ludere’ to play, lets pretend, that we matter. because nature is multi dimensional, language
is linear, language is scrawny we are doing something radically unlike other human activities. its the one activity which you do for its
own sake, and not because its good for you, not because it will lead anywhere, because
you cannot go to the place where you are now, be completely here and now. this is the real meaning of concentration
, to be in your center. and the christian word for sinning in Greek is hamartánein which
means to miss the point. and the point is eternal life, which is here
and now………..

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  1. Dang! That looked amazing! Nothing beats the golden hour. Do you use tags for your videos? That's one of the ways to get your video higher up in searches. Try to use keywords in description and put them in tags too. The goal is to make the videos discoverable and with that you have to work the community and engage the audience 🙂 I'm a complete novice at it but when I was posting one video a month which as per successful YouTuber isn't enough but regardless of that the channel grew steadily 🙂

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