Wave Drill – Baseball Rebellion

Hey everyone, Dave Shinskie at Baseball
Rebellion. We’re gonna move on to the throwing phase of phase 1. So basically
moving on from the Dowel Rod Wave Drill to now the regular Wave Drill with the
ball in our hand okay. So we want to start out again in the base stance and
having our hands together at the start, I like to I like to do this but I also
encourage younger kids to get to this position of the hug a tree position.
Basically like you have the down rod in your hand, so if you just move into
breaking your hands it’s almost like you’re dumping the ball out of your out
of your glove and relaxing that arm swing and you can see my arms working
together just like I have that dowel rod but again I’m not trying to be stick-like, I’m trying to be nice and relaxed and basically getting to that same
position at 90 degrees, behind my head what I mean by that is the ball is 90 90
degrees and my arm is also again at close or about 90 degrees with that
angle of my forearm and upper arm. So from there again rotating forward
letting our chest open, letting the law ball lay back and all the way through
the throw. So again moving as freely and as smooth as we can,
bracing up that front leg, this is an important part, is letting your hip front
hip rotate and letting that knee basically brace up as well as as well as
you can and getting over that front leg with our shoulder and that is the the
first progression of throws done about 20 to 25 feet and that is called the
Wave Drill. Thank you

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