14 thoughts on “Wayne Gretzky looks to promote hockey in China

  1. When I graduated from my high school in 2008 in Maplewood, NJ we only never had a varsity hockey team. Since last season my alma matter merged into a co-op high school hockey team as Columbia-Nutley Raiders.

  2. Ive hated watching the sports channels for years. Its just been freaking garbage for as long as I can remember it since the 90s. Always told everyone it was like watching the international channel and watching rich peoples wallets duke it out. Mexicans stole baseball, china /africa stole basketball, Canada stole hockey, etc. Its almost like the Olympics come around each year and we get to face off against other countrys. Only problem is, it usually looks like we imported all the other countrys best people and the only people absent is our own people (IRONY at its finest!). Its really sad too cause its never been state teams vs a state teams. Just one rich guys wallet vs another. The players look like they are performing a preset play with the outcome already determined, theres no drive, no love of the game, just a business deal like a prostitute. The refs rig the games and everyone knows it. The players are definitely not the best the states have to offer, cause I doubt anyone is even actually from the state born and raised. Of at least been there for years.

    I cheered and laughed my azz off the day Kaperdick started kneeing on the field and the players followed behind, cause the fans finally got to see what the players thought of them, the owners, etc! Which wasnt much! Isnt it fun to see all these BIG BIG Stars start to show their True colors? Certainly isnt Red White and Blue. Lets keep supporting these fakes by buying those season tickets, buying the merchandise, buying those sports channel packages, buying those name brands like Nike, etc……

  3. "And you gonna be helping young people develop?" Yes, I have been ordered to subliminally make them think the communist party is evil it's the only way that we can keep up with the world now.

  4. What, wage war against us, now you want to come to china to make money. Get the f out of china, you are not welcomed here, american.

  5. Why does Wayne always sound like he just came from the dentist and his lips are numb? Sorry if that's mean, but I have thought this for a while and had to say something.

  6. Excuse ME! Russia Yes czechoslovakia Yes Europe NO! TRY TO SAY SCANDINAVIA OR SWEDEN MORE EXACTLY!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

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