We Know Canadians.The OCC Hockey Motivational Speech.

I know what you all must be thinking. And, you’re probably right. There’s 5 minutes left in the game and we’re
down by 3, like a sad sack of beaver shit. There’s no coming back from this. We are done. Whipped. Annihilated. But I, your coach, respectfully disagree. Because I remember one detail that you all
seem to have so conveniently left forgotten and abandoned at home with yesterday’s smelly
jockstraps. You, my friends, have forgotten the simplest
most resounding truth: that we are Canadian. What does that mean to you, huh?! Because to me, that means that this most brilliant
of sports, which the heavens have so graciously shared with us, runs through our very veins. We breed grinders, enforcers and power forwards. We live and breathe checking, cycling and
decking. We were practically wielding sticks and pucks when we came out of our mother’s wombs! And it shows. Our team has won the most Olympic
gold medals for its country in the history of the world. You could say that we have been training for
a moment like this our entire lives. A moment in which yes, the odds are against
us, meaning we have to put up a real fight. A fight … to the death. And yes, as a Canadian I am sorry. Sorry that I am not sorry enough to throw down
my stick and skate on out of here. Because I AM CANADIAN. And I will fight on behalf of this glorious country, till the end of time. NOW, WHO’S WITH ME?! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!

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