We Made the ROCKET BAT from Fallout!

Vibe check! James: So Riley had this kind of dumb idea and
for some reason I said yes… Riley: Imagine you’re living in a 50s themed
apocalyptic wasteland and you need to fend off the ghouls. But, due to
malnutrition your swing it’s just not strong enough you don’t have the arm
muscles left so what you got to do is put some Rockets on your bat that’s what
we’re gonna do today! That’s right we’re making the rocket bat from fallout but
first we need to go buy a bat and some Rockets because in real life scavenging
is called: “Stealing”… Oblivion Guard: Stop right there criminal scum! Riley: We need to go to Canadian
Tire to get baseball bats because we’re making a project that involves baseball
bats and rockets. Welcome to crappy tire! He’s dead! He’s dead! But he has boots though… We got bats! We need… That’s plastic, that’s a pretty classic baseball bat.. Let me just… Alright so we got our bats, but we gotta make sure that they work first. Yeah they work so let’s uh put some
metal plates and rockets on them and break some stuff… All right so we’ve got
to make a bracket to mount the Rockets to the back of the bat so to do that
we’re gonna be using Microsoft Paint. Elon Musk: Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Riley: Alright got the Rockets let’s go make rocket back. What do the instructions say? Handle with
care and respect- Uh whatever. Alright so first thing we need to do is get some
pipes that fit these inside them- no! First thing we need to do is figure out
which end it’s gonna fire the rocket out of because it would kind of suck to have
it just freakin rocket oh oh there it is okay so fires out… this end… I think. Metal time! That’s not gonna work, where are they?! I think I have to go to Metal Supermarkets to get the right size of pipe. Vibe check! Big thanks to Kove for sponsoring this video. Kove sent us their commuter speaker and
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commuter today! Got the tube thing however the rocket doesn’t actually fit
inside because all the other ones were too wide and this one’s too small so
we’re gonna have to turn it out we’re gonna use the lathe watch this. We gotta
cut it first because it’s actually too thick to fit through the Chuck. Wait! Safety chicken stole my glasses… This is called precision machining… Wow you’ve been learned…! Safety Chicken: Ah- I can’t believe you’ve done this. We gotta make sure he’s safe dude. Alright, he’s safe now. This is called a pro strat- Ouch You gotta wiggle it,
gotta wiggle it in! There it is. It’s a housing for the Rockets. Gotta drill some holes. Okay so what’s gonna happen here is
we’re gonna weld this nut to that bolt and then this nut to this pipe which
should make it stronger and so our bat won’t break maybe… It’s done… ish. Needs wiring! So unfortunately the Fallout
crafting system hasn’t quite yet been implemented into the real world so we’re
gonna actually just have to weld it ourselves. Real welding hours. This thing is still smoking hot if it
were to break right now it would hurt one of us very badly… All right let’s get
it secured and do the next one. I am plasma cutting little rings so that
we can put them on here and drop these guys in, weld them in and it’ll be great. Where’s the other one? How did it
disappear?! oh-oh-oh…! Badda-bing badda-boom! Alright so most of the welds are done
let’s sandblast it so that it all looks pretty and then we can make it look ugly again. It’s okay, missed a couple spots but I
got the gist of most of it and I’m pretty happy with it. Every time I make a
project like this as it goes on I just go: Why did I make this? We’ll find out
when we test it. This is a bad idea… Alright so before we put some Rockets on
it I want to test it just to see if I can actually swing the bat
so we’ll smash the ceramic thing which I know is going to break but, here we go! That wasn’t as bad as I thought, once we add the Rockets in its gonna get… Worse. But let’s smash this disco ball. Yeah that was pretty cool. So tomorrow we’ll come back we’ll put some rockets in this and uh- And smash more stuff! Alright so we tested it we know works we just gotta add one last little detail on the
top and then put some wires in it and I’m going to break both of my wrists. Alright so to make the jet on top it should be a bevel gear but that’s gonna
add way too much weight what I’m gonna do is cut out 12 of these little segments weld them all together and it’ll look the same. Boom, is done! It’s all welded up all
we need to do now is find the switch and wire it up only issue is safety chicken
has my switch and I don’t think he wants to give me my switch back… Got it! Alright, so we’re gonna attach this switch. should I test it without the rocket
motors plugged in hey it worked That’s comfy. It’s ready… Yikes This is gonna be interesting. Alright rocket bat’s done let’s test it
we’re gonna hit this baseball right into the chicken man probably gonna miss but
let’s do it anyways. Oh man I don’t like this at all
I made it, I dug my grave, I must lay, lay in said grave. Alright firing in three,
two, one… okay Ugh- my lungs! Take two! Well I didn’t like that… at all. That was a misfire or something. For like the 7000th time it’s time to go. I’m dizzy. I think I need a longer swing. Like I need to start facing literally
the opposite way because it takes a while to accelerate so I’m gonna like
start here and just rail it because it was quite a bit of force added. It’s time for refreshing Nuka-Cola. Let’s do this and actually have it work. Ian: That was awesome. James: Let’s see how the slo-mo looks. Riley: Ro- rocket Nuka-Cola. Double Rocket power! It’s time to test for effectiveness
against ghouls… Yeah that’s, that’s a ghoul, we’ll go with ghouls. Alright, oh God, oh man… I didn’t even move my arms there. I literally didn’t move my
arms that just took me. Where’d the skull go? Right there and
that oh my god it is it’s gone…! And we didn’t even destroy the shelf. That is absolutely insane I couldn’t see like the- Bogdan: I would not like to be in front of that thing. Riley: Holding it is not that bad but like looking back at it I don’t know if I
want to hold that anymore. Should we hit the chicken with it? We’re
hitting the chicken with it. The wasteland is no place for chickens. Rip safety- *cough* Oh God… It made them float up! Alright thanks so much for watching. This project went way better than I thought it would
seeing as I’ve still got two functioning wrists, if you guys want to see more
content like this make sure to LIKE subscribe and make comments of anything
that you’d like to see us make in the future, thanks for watching! Owen: Okay cut!
Riley: Alright we’re done that was good? Alright, awesome!

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