‘We need to get them all out ASAP’ – Niroshan Dickwella

[Music] [Applause] [Music] actually in the test arena I played last I I was playing all the test matches in the last two years so I was dropped from the one day squad so I’ve read the last two South African tests test matches as well so it was a crucial inning inning for me as I didn’t score much runs in South Africa but I scored some runs in New Zealand and Australia previously but still at that moment we were 164 7 means you were in big trouble and so it was a crucial partnership with Saranga I had to build an inning and I had to get some runs as well and I had to protect Sarang Rahman as well from the difficult Buddhist so I did I think we both were brave enough and we got a good partnership when unfortunately strong got out in the morning and we managed to get at 18 run lead close to 200 the wicket is quite slow and spinning as well normal usual goal we got and we have to bet the 4th inning that’s the difficult thing and we have to get them all out as soon as possible tomorrow morning and 4 less runs and I think it’s not hard to bet on this we got it’s slow and spinning but we have done that before and I’m sure butters will raise their hands and do the job for the team and it’s not that hard to bet on this record I think we can get the runs and win the match a guy by night – Amon Cardenas Nokia Android smartphone and I recommend currently yeah that can happen sets that’s the past but different conditions different opposition different players playing now now it’s said it was in 2000 back into zone early two-thousands so now yeah so I think we have to play according to the situation and according to the bowlers and the we cut so I think with the without batting batting lineup I think we can do that and mostly it’s not a difficult we go to bed on today at at this goal wiggity is not their usual goal we got spinning and bounds it’s still there by it’s slow I think but as will do the job actually so I got a got like two months break from that so I started training with the a-team and I went on you went on an a-team tour to India so I had to perform there I was desperate to perform and so I scored two centuries and a half’s insurance a few few more and so so that made me motivated as well so then I I realized what my Falls and what what were my mistakes so I started training differently even at the gym I even at the skilled training sessions I started differently and I think I’m better than how I will I was in last few years so I think it was a good good break for me it’s quite difficult to explain like the way I trained the the habits I had there are some things I have changed so I think I can prove it by performing in the middle a guy Mumbai Naruto Nokia Android smartphone the camera come on [Music] subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for a latest content

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  1. Dagerous hitter ….he can smash the ball hard easily with his stylish batting actions and also with his great foot moovements

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