Weight Transfer Explained – Hockey shooting principles – Complete Shot 4

– Hey guys, it’s Jeremy
from HowToHockey.com with the Hockey Movement, bringing you a series on the building
blocks of a good shot. For this video, we’re talking
about using your legs. I see way too many hockey players that do not use their legs and your legs are actually the biggest
muscles in your body. So if you don’t use them, you’re taking away a lot
of power from your shot. So we’re gonna teach
you how to use your legs and get more power in your shot. Using your legs in your shot has a lot to do with getting
that good weight transfer that all the coaches are asking you to do. So, what you have to do
first is bend your knees. You have to have a bit of a knee bend, otherwise you can’t get
that weight transfer. Watch. If I’m too
straight-legged like this, like I want to step into the shot, I can’t. I’m only moving a few inches, and that’s because I’m too stiff. Also, when your legs are really straight, you won’t be able to flex
and load up your stick, because you have to drop
your weight onto it. So I’m gonna talk about
that in the next video. This one, let’s focus on the legs. I’m going to give you three simple steps to getting that weight
transfer that you need. Really easy, you shouldn’t forget these. Number one is bend your knees. That’s it. When you start with
your knees bent, you can get power. You’re looser, you can get that weight transferring.
So you see how much motion I can get here with my legs bent. Number two is load up that leg. So it’s simple. You’re
just gonna lean back and have your weight on this leg, and that goes with weight transfer.
I’m transferring the weight from this leg through
the shot onto this leg. So you have to load that one up first. Number three is a simple
principle: nose to toes. So to keep you balanced,
your nose is gonna line up with this toe. And then,
when you finish your shot, your nose is gonna line up with this toe. So here, not nose to
toes. I’m not getting much weight transfer. Here, it’s too much. I’m leaning way back or too far forwards. So simple nose to toes
principle keeps you lined up, balanced and makes sure
that you’re getting really good weight transfer. Alright, that’s enough talking. Let’s take some shots on net. Remember, getting that good
hockey stance, knees bent, pull the puck back, load up
that back leg, really push off and end with a nice snap
at the end of your shot. Something that’s really
important is effort. I see too many times
that guys go like this, they get the weight transfer,
but it’s slow tempo. So there’s not a big explosion.
I want explosive power. When you draw that puck
back, you’re pushing as hard as you can towards the
net with this back leg and that’s really firing all the muscles. It’s a chain reaction, so
the legs go, the body goes, the arms go and then you
boom, end with a final snap. So explosive power, you’re
putting everything into the shot. If you learn
to shoot with effort, when you get on the ice,
you’re really gonna rip those shots. Alright guys, that’s
it for weight transfer and using your legs.
Remember, in this video, I was showing the wrist
shot, but using your legs is important in every single shot. Back hand, wrist shot,
snap shot, slap shot; it doesn’t matter. Every good
shot, good powerful shot, starts with the legs. So you guys should practice this in every shot.
Not just the wrist shot that I was showing there. In case anyone watching
the video is curious about the products that I’m
using, I’ll just give you the lowdown on every single one. So the hockey stick is
the COLT hockey stick, it has a nano-steel coating on the bottom. It’s supposed to make it
last a really long time. I also have some training
aids from HockeyShot. So the net, this is the easy goal. I’ve been using this one
for two or three years. I also have the intermediate shooting pad which is really awesome
for protecting the bottom of your stick, just giving
you a smooth surface to shoot off of. And last
but certainly not least is the t-shirt which is
from Scrappers Hockey. Love their gear. If you
want to check out any of the products I just
mentioned, I’ll throw some links down there in
the video description. So that’s it for the video. Thanks a lot for watching. Don’t
forget, subscribe to the Hockey Movement. We do
new hockey videos every single week, helping you
get better at hockey. (electronic music)

26 thoughts on “Weight Transfer Explained – Hockey shooting principles – Complete Shot 4

  1. Hey great video, but I was wondering if you could explain the shot process for facing the net as that's how most shots are taken. There is a much different weight transfer when you are facing the net than when you are parallel to the net

  2. I have been working on quick release snapshots, and now that I have the form down I would like to learn how to get more power into them. I am particularly interested in weight transfer on snapshots, and how to get that right. Thanks in advance.

  3. How do you recommend positioning your legs if your skating towards the goal. Should i do the one leg thing like kessel

  4. I see you are using the colt sticks in a lot of movies, has it become a personal favorite? I have broken 2 sticks in 2 practices now so thinking about buying it 😛

  5. I went to a shooting range in Prague today and shot about 250 pucks. Took me one hour.

    I plan to do this daily!

  6. I love your videos! It has helped so much! I want to start hockey so bad, but I suck right now!😬 Could you please do a video that's just tips for beginners? It would help sooo mucchh!!

  7. I love this videos, thx a lot. I also like that you put the links to some good products. It was also a good idea to place the adds at the end of the video, so they don't distract from the main purpose of watching. Well done.

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