Weirdest Baseball Players Names (GAME)

– (rooster crows)
– (lion roars) Welcome to Good Mythical More,
everybody. Don’t… Google that. Whatever you do, don’t Google
“Sexy Raw Chicken.” (laughter) How– how do those words
even get strung together? Well, I’ve done that. – Oh, my goodness.
– Ugh… And then Davin comes over
and shows it to us. Ugh! Oh, oh! No, no! – We just said,
“Don’t Google that.”
– Oh, what? – There’s lemons
involved in that one.
– Good granny. – Uh, okay. Yeah.
– I didn’t even know
a chicken could do that. Speaking from experience,
don’t Google that. You know what? Maybe we
should keep this here. No, I gotta let my mascot
be seen. All right. – Ow!
– We’re gonna play a game. We’re gonna compete
with one another and I have the
distinct advantage. Not because I know
baseball players’ names– But you’re being
supported emotionally. – But because
I have a mascot.
– Yeah, you do. – Keep that up,
Sausage Link.
– Whoo! He should really
have a name, you know,
like, Doggie or– Isn’t Sausage Link my name? – Sammy Sausage Link.
– Sammy. Yeah, yeah. – Sammy– Sammy Link.
– Yeah. – Um…
– Wayne the Weiner. Stevie’s gonna
give us a name of
a baseball player, – or it could just be
a made-up name.
– Past, present, or future? – Stevie:All of the above.
– Right, right. M’kay. –You ready to play?
– Get me– get me pumped up. – What are you doing?
– Yeah! – (laughter)
– Ow! Last one. What are you– You’re failing.
Oh, there you go. – He’s eating his own finger.
– Yeah. – Pace yourself.
We got a whole game to play.
– That’s what he does. – I love it.
– Delicious! Stevie:Okay. Oh, I’m sorry.
Were we not done with that?
Stevie, you need to adopt
a really quick pace for this. – My mascot is not gonna last.
– He’s dropped his ketchup. – He’s falling apart.
– Well, it is his first day. How’s this supposed
to make me feel if you can’t
hold it together? You’re my support
structure, man. – I think this is perfect
minor league–
– Sorry. – Minor league–
– You can do it! – Okay.
– What? – You can do it!
– Yes, okay.Here we go with
the first one.
Johnny Dickshot.– Johnny–
– Ste– Stevie.( laughter) – Dickshot?
– I’m sure that’s not how
you pronounce it. Can you spell
“Dickshot”? –D-I-C-K–
– I think it’s “D’Kshot.” – Johnny “Dee-Kashot”… a real baseball player. Is it– keep spelling
the last name. –S-H-O-T.
– Oh. Fake. “Dee-kashot.” – Fake.
– Real. –Real.
– Yes!He plays for
the Pittsburgh Pirates.
I mean, he did,
from 1936 to 1938.
Yeah, I don’t think
he plays anymore, based on that
baseball card. Unless he’s going
real retro. –Um, okay. Next one.
– That’s real? –That’s real.
– That’s real? I mean, I got it right,
but I still don’t
want to believe it. –Greg Leg.
– Greg Leg? – Greg Leg.
– Fake. What’s his middle name? – Peg.
– (laughter) He’s a Pirate. Get it?
He’s a Pirate. – Yeah. Oh.
– ( imitates bat
hitting ball ) – Well, if that’s true…
– Pittsburgh. Greg Leg is also
a real baseball player. –He is real!
– Dang!He played from 1986 to 1987.– Greg Leg.
There he is.That was when I actually
collected baseball cards. Did you ever collect
pro cards? Because
that’s what he’s on. Hold on. Red Barons?
Oh, that must be his– – minor league card.
– It’s his minor. All right.
I’m two-for-two.
Give me another one. I’m on a roll.
I got that one right. – Thanks. I was
leading the crowd.
– What do you mean, “Thanks”? –( laughter)
– I got– “Thanks.” I love a mascot
that’s all about
what he’s doing. – Dude, it’s so hot in here.
– The best– – The best ones are.
– “Got one right.” “Thanks!” The best ones are. – Okay.
Guy Strong.– Guy Strong. Fake!
– Boring. I mean, it probably is real
even though you made it up, so you better Google it. I’m saying fake
until one is fake. Um, I think– I think this one is real.Fake.Oh, yeah. Okay.How about Carlos Santana?Carlos Santana. Hmm. – Uh, the guitarist?
– Is there also
a baseball player named Carlos Santana? – Yes.
– I would say– it’s almost undoubtedly true that they’re has to be
a baseball player
named Carlos Santana. – True. Yeah.
– Yeah, I already said true.Correct. Real.
He plays as a catcher
for the Philadelphia
Oh. He’s got it going on.
He’s looking to the skies. Look at that– pop fly. That’s gonna
get caught, man.
You’re out. You’re looking
way too high. Yeah, that’s not a homer.
That’s not a homer stance. – Why you looking–
How about Chubby Groins?– Chubby Grines?
Groins.– Groins?
G-R-O-I-N-S.Chubby Groins? That– you need
to see a doctor, sir. – Um–
– Chubby Groins. No. Fake. It has to be fake.
It has to be.Fine. It’s fake.Oh, he’s doing
the moonwalk. Look at that.
They call it the wiener walk. He’s lost his tool belt. Oh, gosh!
He’s got buns all
over the ground. He looks so–
he looks so– My sausage is still up. I didn’t think about that. I’m sorry, I didn’t think
about it when I said it. –Barry Jingleberry.
– I apologize. – What?
Barry Jingleberry.– Barry Jingleberry?
– Barry Jing– Yeah, true.
Barry Jingleberry. Now this is like the Key
and Peele, McCringleberry. – Yeah.
– It’s a little too close
to that. – Barry Jingleberry.
– This is fake. – Real.
– This is fake. Oh, you–
you’re going
against me now? I support you. –It’s fake.
– ( groans ) – Yes!
– Okay.Okay, here’s your last one.I’m allergic
to my mascot. Seventh inning stretch.
You wanna bite? I don’t wanna bite
your finger. Look at the way
he wiggles it, though. – It’s so enticing.
– I’d hate to– He’s beckoning you. I’d hate– I’d hate
to bite your finger. He comes into the crowd
and he beckons you with his– With his sausage fingers. How about you? No, no.
It’s not my mascot. – Yeah, but you know.
– No, no, no. “It’s not my mascot.” If you were my mascot
I’d be all over it. – Trust me. Yeah.
– “It’s not my mascot.” I would’ve got
two or three by now. “It” meaning you
that I’m speaking to. – All right.
– ( thud ) – What was–
– You cannot win. I cannot win. Nope. – I can only get closer.
– Okay.Okay, it all
comes down to this,
even though Link is
already winning
and you can’t win, Rhett.– I’ve already won.
– Yep. Whoo!Dick Pole.– Dick Pole?
– Stevie. –D-I-C-K.
– That’s real. –Pole.
– Dick Pole. – Yeah, yeah, he was–
– Good ol’ Richard Pole. Went with
the shorter nickname. Shorter?
Speak for yourself. What did you say? – I said it was real.
– I will also say real. –It’s real!
– Yeah, let’s see him! –Richard Henry Pole.
– Rhett: Look at that guy. For the Red Sox. Man, what a man! Dick Pole is looking
into the distance trying to find anyone
who can just love him for who he is,
not for his name. Yep. Mm-hmm. – I win!
– Congratulations! – Up top.
– Do I win not
having a mascot? – Oh!
– Uh! Thank you! Thank you! Kevin just came in
and bit my mascot! – You can’t do that!
– That’s all I wanted. – I think he can.
– This is my freakin’ mascot! You want some? Keep your grubby mouth
off my mascot, Kevin! That wasn’t Kevin,
that was Chubby Groins. – That was Chubby Groins?
– That was Chubby Groins. Chubby Groins,
get your mouth off my mascot!

100 thoughts on “Weirdest Baseball Players Names (GAME)

  1. So we're just going to glaze over the fact that Chase is poking Link & Rhett in their mouths with his sausage and begging them to bite it.

  2. I was totally not going to Google that until Link said "there's lemons involved in that one". Then I had no other choice but to see…. Okay, I'm reporting back now. 10/10 must see.

  3. This was possibly one of my favourite videos. the innuendos, and just the randomness and just how their personalities show, how they are all so comfortable in this particular situation. LOVED IT! and Chase with his 'sausage still up' in the background is to die for 😂😂😂

  4. this is the old school GMM i live for, right here!
    stevie's radio voice, and chase in a doofy costume — thanks.

    ( thants, chubby groins.

    { wooooo })

  5. did anyone else notice Chase was flipping link off as he offered his sausage finger? i would have guessed Link would've said something

  6. I just commented on the last video about our team having anthropomorphized pierogies run the bases at games, and now we have a player named Dickshot? Pittsburgh is a strange city

  7. Pittsburgh Pirates getting more time on the air from GMM than they do from any sports channel, good for them.

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    And then Kevin comes in to take a bite! I went laugh hard to just losing it

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    Rhett: "Shorter? Speak for yourself "

    How did nobody catch this? 😂😂

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