Welcome to Chester-le-Street | Cricket World Cup 2019

Joanne Malki: We’ve got loads of great,
local, independent businesses, lots of places to eats and drink very reasonably, and a lot
of them will be opening early and a lot of them will be staying open later for both before
and after the cricket, so please make the most of the town.
There’s lots of businesses up and down the Front Street, and off the Front Street, for
people and the businesses are really looking forward to people coming in and using the
services. If it’s for food or if its for a little bit of shopping, or if you bring
people with you who are not going to the cricket, they can spend the day. We’ve got a lovely
park, we’ve got lots of shops and lots of places nearby to visit.
If you’re coming in by train, once you get off at the train station you head down the
bank towards our main street. Chester-le-Street is a quaint little town.
It’s very long, with one long Front Street with lots of shops but then there’s lots
of things behind. We’ve got a beautiful church with an Anker’s House museum. We’ve
got, we have got a lot of independent, local shops selling a variety of things, and they’d
all be looking forward to seeing the fans and the regulars coming in and using the town
while the cricket’s on. Everybody wants people to enjoy the cricket.
It’s looking fantastic. We’ve got loads of lovely flowers. We’ve got the flags up
ready for the cricket, on the routes down to the cricket ground and everything. And
the fans should really see Chester-le-Street. It’s putting Chester-le-Street on the map
because of this.

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