Welcome to Copenhagen Handball official parter of European Deaf Handball Championsships

(Q) Michael, we are standing in Frederiksberghallen
ana have just watch a match against Viborg and Copenhagen Handball, how comes Danish
Deaf Sports Ascociation is present today? We are here today, because we have just presented
a deal between us and Copenhagen Handball about the European Championsships in Handball
2020, which wil be held here in this arena. Thats why we are here today, to feel the atmosphere. (Q) And what makes Coenhagen Handball the
perfect place and partner about this championship in Handball? I think the primarely thing is logistic, which
is perfect. Everything is close in Copenhagen, we have
the airport, hotels is close, and a lot of opportunity to do some tourism, and other
attractions here in Copenhagen. And Copenhagen Handball has a lot of expirience
in this kind of big events They have the rooms and facilitys and different kind of knowledge
that we can learn from. So this will be good teamwork. (Q) We have just watched a good match between
two good teams and a great loud crowd. Do you think you can get any of those spectators
in to watch the championsships in the summer? I deffinately think so. Actually i am very positive surprised on this
arena. Good for the spectators and a lot of space,
a lot of good atmosphere from the stands. Even though we are deaf, we can feel this
high level from the crowd. We have a good cooperation with Copenhagen
Handball and they have a good network with their members, and a lot of media coverage,
so they should be able to help us get a lot of people watching, that is our hope. (Q) And finally how much do you look forward
to be able to host this event next summer? A lot, we shall show how we can do this here
in Denmark, how we can complete this tournament. We are also host of the EDSO Congress, so
we will show them what we can do. (Q) Janni, today you hosted Danish Deaf Sports
Ascosiation, how come they where here. We have been so lucky that we can collaborate
about their coming European Championsships this summer. We will help eachother making some noice about
handball here in Copenhagen next summer. This collaboration, how can Copenhagen Handball
help the Deaf Sports Ascosiation? I think we have a lot of know how about how
you do a handball game and then we have a lot of people watching us and we have a lot
of people coming to watch our games. So we can help spreading the word about this
event and we should help put Danish Deaf Sports Ascociation on the map. (Q) And these many people coming in the arena,
you have som fantastic fans who also travels to watch the games, do you belive you can
help get them in the arena during the championsships aswell, and help make a fantastic atmosphere? I really think we can do that together. I dont think any of us can do that alone,
i think this collaboration that will make it strong. There is a big interest in handball in generally
in Denmark and also here in the capitol, so i am sure some of the people here today have
heard about it, and we should build upon that in the coming partnership, making some noice
on mathcdays, for Danish Deaf Handball. (Q) And finally, you are host at some big
both national and international matches and now partnering about a european championship
for deaf. Which challenges and learnings are you looking
forward to in this collaboration? I learned as a child the hand alphabet and
i am fearing that i have to use that to show someone where the toilet is, or something
more critical during the event, but i think that we can learn so much of communicating
without sound, this atmosphere you saw today, it can be hard to hear eachother, and i think
our players can learn a lot from the deaf players,

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