Wendy X Seulgi’s first paragliding Experience! [Battle Trip/2018.08.26]

Paragliding. Can you do that? I’m thinking whether I should add it to the list or not. But there… Korea and Europe have different sceneries. So I think it’ll be fun. – This seems like a must-try in Salzburg. / – Really? Then how about we try it? Let’s just go like that. What? – We’re doing something harder. / – We are? (Screaming) Oh, my God. I’m so happy. I’m flying. Oh, my God. (Paragliding in the Alps) (Look down Salzburg and the nature of the Alps) (Flight lasts about 20 minutes, $158 per person) Why did I bring you here? – Why did I bring myself here? / – You planned this. Do you think you can do it? You look more scared than me. I’ll go first. If you don’t do it, I won’t either. Is that how it works? Yes. If you don’t do it, I won’t. – Hello. / – Hello, hello. – Paragliding? / – Yes, we are. Are you excited? – Nervous. / – Nervous. Everybody is. It’s super easy. As soon as you’re in the air, you’ll enjoy it. Are you sure? Are you sure it’s easy? Today, we will take off on the other side. Do you want to have a more challenging take off? – More challenging? / – Yes. – What is he saying? / – The smallest takeoff… At the steepest part. He’s saying we’re doing something more difficult. We are? – It’s our first time. / – It’s our first time. – That’s okay. / – Just kidding. Just kidding. (His joke scared them) There’s always people who make jokes like that. They’re laid-back. I don’t know. Let’s just jump. It shouldn’t be that hard. Let’s just go like that. (Spaced out) – It won’t be scary. / – It won’t. You can put this on here. You do this… This one looks okay. Can you hold this for a second? I feel good now. Don’t we have to tighten this more? They will do it for us. I can’t believe my life will be left to that rope. That rope looks so weak. In flight, we’re connected with these carabiners. Okay? (Seulgi gets trained) Pull it. – I practiced that too. / – You have to run hard. You have to run hard indeed. – You will see. Everything will be fine. / – Okay. – Perfect. / – It’ll be okay. Seulgi, you can do it. – You can do it. / – She’s so cute. (Wendy is ready too) Wendy looks… She looks better with a helmet now. It looks better than her original hairstyle. With her eyebrows pressed down. – Yes. / – Pressed down. That way I can recognize her. If I never come back, please remember me. (Laughing) (She wants to cry) Here I go. I’m going. – She’s scared. / – This is hilarious. – Always this direction. Okay? / – Okay. – It’s so beautiful. / – Seulgi is good with these things. I’d love to fly there. Seulgi is good with these things. I was not nervous earlier but now I am. (Her mouth is dry) This direction. No fear. – Yeah. / – 3, 2, 1, go. We just go like this? Heading to the other direction. We just go like this? Heading to the other direction. Heading the other direction. Heading the other direction. – What? / – Like this. – And go, go, go. / – Run, run. We suddenly started running. Go, go, go, go! (She flies in the sky) Go, go! (Screaming) (Shouting) Wow. What should I do? – Having good time? / – Yeah, it’s nice. – It’s perfect. / – Perfect but… Where we go? We’re just flying around. We’re next to the mountain. To the next mountain? I’m flying! I’m flying! (She flaps her arms) Here we are! That’s right! Scary. (She’s scared and happy at the same time) It was amazing but scary. Good. (She feels free in the sky) It’s 1,300m above sea level. (After Seulgi took off) Oh, my God. Oh, no. – Me? / – A bit forward. I run and then I just put my feet in the air? – Just keep going. / – Keep going? Don’t sit down. Just keep going. I run in the air? – Ready? / – Yes. He told me to keep running in the air too. – Run? / – Yes, run. Keep going. Very well done. Very well done. (She runs in the air) She’s running in the air. It looks strange. He told me to keep running. (Wendy flies) Oh, my God! Oh, my God! This is so good! (Wendy is excited again) I love it! Oh, my God! Wendy was really scared at first but… But now she’s not. It looks like she’s enjoying it more than Seulgi. She suddenly sings. (Her voice is stable even 1,000m above the ground) This is beautiful. Oh, my God. – It was indescribable. / – Amazing. It was different from what I see from the airplane. – It’s different. / – Of course it’s different. It’s different to be in the air, feeling the wind myself. Look. It’s surrounded by the mountains. (She can see all of Salzburg) (Behind that is the Alps) (Unless you’re in the sky, you can’t see) (Such beautiful scenery) Right now… I’m so happy. No matter how high a building is, you can’t feel such a wind on it. This is so much fun. When you paraglide, sometimes, birds come and fly with you. – They fly next to you? / – Yes, they do. (Seulgi looks more relaxed now) – Really nice. / – Really nice. Do you want to try flying on your own? No. No. – Really? / – No, no, no. – Okay. / – No… (He surprised me) It looks so scary down there. I will hand you the camera. No, no, no. You have to. Every time… You can’t lose it. Every time a red light flashes… Sorry, I can’t speak English. It’s all good. No worries. Everything is good. This is… – This doesn’t feel safe. / – He kept laughing. (Chris kept playing jokes) He was being too mean. It’s really scary if you let go. It swoops down. Go straight. Go straight. (What is she doing?) – She’s so cute. / – That’s survival English. – She’s cute. / – Your English is getting better. Calm down. He’s having so much fun. Oh, my God. There are the other ones coming. – I’m so jealous. / – It was so nice. It must’ve been so good because of the weather. I’m eagle. – “I’m eagle.” / – She’s an eagle? – I’m eagle. / – I’m an eagle. Now we have to… Shall we do a roller coaster? Roller coaster? No, no, no. No. You’re scared. – I know this. / – They will spin now. – It is so dizzy. / – It will make you vomit. – I was so dizzy after that. / – Don’t do it. – You have to do a small roller coaster. / – Okay. Roller coaster. (Screaming) I’m flying. I’m flying. – Very good. / – Oh, my. Your voice range must have become higher after this. It became really high. Touchdown. – You did a good job. / – She really landed well. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. Seulgi, you did a good job. I think Wendy will be shouting out exclamations of surprise in English. Wow. Oh, my God. That was amazing. Her voice is really loud. This is amazing. Wendy, I can see you’re super-talented. – She’s controlling it herself. / – Yes. It was so fun to do it. – We go left, right, left, right. / – Okay. You went round and round. It was really fun. This was fun. (Welcome back) (Lands lightly) – She landed well. / – She did a good job. – She really did. / – Didn’t she do a good job? So, Wendy. – How was it? / – I was so happy. I’m shaking right now. – Are your legs shaking like this? / – Yes. I’m shaking. Little bit. That’s normal. – I loved it so much. / – It will be gone in a minute. I loved it so much. Great memory. Thank you. I think she enjoyed it the most… – Yes, she enjoyed the most. / – Out of everyone. I was so happy. – It’s so beautiful. / – I’m so jealous. He kept saying something in English. – I couldn’t understand him. / – I did this. I kept saying, “Yeah, it’s good.” He let me control it. I didn’t know he was asking that. He asked me but I just said, “No, no, no.” Really? I was so happy. I just loved it. There’s no other way to express it. You won’t know unless you experience it. She makes us happy to watch. I felt like I was born again. I felt like a new born bird that was walking for the first time. – Really? Did you feel that? / – Yes. – I feel like I was reborn. / – You will start from zero. Waah. Waah. (Happy birthday) Yeah. Let’s learn how to talk again. Waah, waah.

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  1. "I'm eagle" uwu babyyyyy she's so cute! I haven't heard Seulgi speak english before so when I found the clip on ig I was so shocked. Also Wannie immediately singing once she starts getting the hang of it is so adorable. lmaO and also Seulgi immediately guessing that Wendy would start screaming exclamations in english is funny XD she knows her so well.

  2. It really makes me happy that they used the song of little muc 'shout out to my ex' as background music 💓

  3. Oh my goodness! They must be delightful to go paragliding with! They're having so much fun! Especially Wendy, you could tel, even though she was scared!

  4. I know this is out of the subject, but I really like seulgi’s hair here. Like i know that she said that she has troubles with it sometimes because it fusses fast unlike other kpop idols, but it really shows a natural side and gives her a unique touch. It’s interesting how something might give you stress but looks very amazing on you from other’s perspective.

    So, to anyone who faces similar problem like seulgi, know that your hair looks adorable and cute in a way.

  5. Everything Seulgi does and says is just insanely cute, and the perspective from the helmet cam of her face just makes her look extra fluffy.

  6. I’m sorry but I hated it when that guy was like “Wendy looks better with a helmet on” honestly that’s very rude to say about a celeb NO ACTUALLY A FEMALE, that’s so rude

  7. now i feel guilty because wendy’s trademark is her cheeks now because of the accident idk what will happen to hee beautiful cheeks

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