WE’RE BACK AT IT!!! || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 41

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming FIVB Beach Volleyball Big Spike Huge Block Yes Guy Garrett May down the middle maybe no Joe bought the
right side shoot Joe Joe are you kidding me Jess hello we’re gonna welcome back yes guy
gave me we’re back after a long hiatus I gotta apologize to you guys it’s been a
hectic hectic month for me it’s turned from winter to summer now it’s hot as
fire here in Toronto baby the Raptors won the NBA championship are you kidding
me did you see that parade anyways we’re
back making videos I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’m happy to be
back hopefully I’ll be able to be more consistent from now on and you bring the
videos to guys thank you for the support I realized watching backs on my old
videos I talk way too much and after you guys are cutting it out
for the first minute so I’m gonna get right to the gameplay we’re here playing
volleyball unbound back with the original we got two tournaments left
we’re here in this tournament here what else a letís I think and then we’ve got
the Olympics oh my gosh I’m nervous this tournament doesn’t matter though we’re
in the Olympics for sure so we’re gonna get warmed up before we hit that final
tournament so it – boys wave to the crowd that’s right we are back after
forever my bad anyway sorry that’s not it’s the first
round boys come on who we got all right Mario Suarez and for kodanda Ramayya we
played them one time baragas got the biggest block in the lead look at that
anyways who’s the guy who is the guy Suarez is the best Center on the planet
so Suarez is the guy here we go all right how do I play I totally forget you
Joe I will set you yeah go up and pound on that buddy – Joe good start
I’ve been so pissed at the first video back after my whatever long hiatus you
got blocked Joe glad you didn’t what are the controls I’ve been out so long
there’s a float okay don’t block the left side
just kidding block the right holy shit did you see that it bounced
him right off me how do I play this game spinning you Joe I’ll set you come on
buddy put it away what a terrible shot but
it’s doors yet yes come on all right Joe what’s the spin sir is it this button
yes it is pound it block the right side Joe the
left side obviously didn’t work watch I’m on that put that away Joe I don’t
know how you would have done that by but what joke Joe I’m on that put me on the
net hopefully I hit the right control Jess
come on point at that yes that’s where you put it away baby yes
come on how pasty-white um I need to get a tan okay here we go Joe 3-1 I totally
forgot who the guy is the sir because I was worried about the controls Joe
oh my goodness put it away buddy are you kidding me buddy
yes let’s go alright Joe did I even say that Suarez was the guy I am lost in a
while I’m rusty guys my bad watch Joe Joe figure it out by hey don’t give
myself a tan in the post in post I’ll get a little bit of a filter how’s that
look yeah maybe not put it away Joe high and deep buddy for
the win yes oh come back oh hey waiting to drown boys savor it in
the next term of Steel Olympics no pressure so you can gloat a little bit
boys Joe I know you’re fooling yourself oh who is this coppersmith and
Hodgkinson from bright britain english you formally knighted Kingdom
cheerio Hodgkinson is a great centre I’ve never seen these guys before ever
alright Hodgkinson is the guy his name is Lacey ok we’re coming after you bud
after we signed out here we go Joe floating it to me whoa
put me on the net Joe great set sneak it Jess that’s how we drew it up baby I
mean no but I will take act woo woah Hodgkinson here comes bot down
the line get up there Joe block the left side
oh great set by that guy oh I got wrong Wade I got wrong way my bad Joe are they
coming to me again that first tour was crazy what the hell happened there down
the middle maybe no Joe block the right side shoot Joe Joe are you kidding me
yes put a block let’s see that shit show us the damn replay guy digs it gosh
these replays but he puts it on the net slow it down
oh my goodness Joe thank you for saving my ass Joe
power over to Hodgkinson mounted Joe get there lock the left side he’s having
trouble Joe did what Joe on the net for you buddy
after that you’d block brood away Joe with the finesse playing white Joe since
when did you learn to play like that hmm if it’s through all 45 episodes or
however many there’s been you got is a ton of episodes man here we go Joe
wash outside babe Joe again yes Joe do my guy Joe put me on your back and carry
me buddy that’s ball get up there buddy block the
left side oh he’s all of these in all sorts of trouble Joe good Jake on the
net bad set by me Joe dude you were doing so good then you
ruined it but by getting blocked like that
whoa to the net Joe oh shit I screwed up I’m on that Joe put me on
the net where is he yeah it’s the sharp cut for the wind
baby come on hey wave to the crowd boys Joe you
almost gapped it buddy it’s okay maybe I should have anyway
who are we playing boys enough of this crap are we playing oh my goodness look
what is our fellow Canadians Sartre I don’t know they’re the RoMac since we
played these guys Wow these we’re three and one against them that one loss must
have been way back in like the first five episodes or something cuz they do
not look good but who is the guy lemare gets fatigued he’s got a better
shot then Sartre I think we’ll test dose Archer will test them out we’ll see what
he’s got alright sorry here we go yeah Joe to the
net put it away buddy did that go off Joe
did he get blocked what Oh Joe alright here we go buddy one
oh you got blocked off your body let’s see if you can figure it out
I’ll go on to absolutely come on that’s a bounce all of the Celie
yeah just yo love this celebrate pound – come on baby
Joe I don’t care if you get blocked buddy I’ll carry you I did say sorry I
don’t really think it matters but we’ll find him tough sir from a block the
right side Joe it seemed to have success I’m on that back play mmm what’s open
sneaked yes nice sneak off the camera guy over there suck it bud I mean we’re
trying to get a little bit more coverage but okay anyways Sarge you’re up to one
Joe you’re welcome for that buddy I’ll put you on my back and Joe Hart you’re a
bot yes come on let me need you Jones for the Navy’s yes all right
may is tired so they’ll just stay down for this one still all sorts of trouble
for Sartre watch Joe watch I’m on that to the net Joe oh I felt like he was
gonna go on – oh he came back Joe nice cover
put it away buddy Joe Joe you did the work to cover me and then you blew it
three two we’re in a battle with our Canadians they know us well because
we’re from the same country Joe and I’ll set you on that I thought about going on
– nice Joe hi Hardy buddy immediately made up for it all right Joe you never
serve for a match here we go deep corner get up there walk the right
side watch it’s inside of it Joe Jack come on buddy
way to go get out Sartre see you back at home boys up on the
plane take the bus I don’t care peace all right we’re in the semi-final no way
wear the crown boys stop it we need business we got old and gray – and all
against these guys Graham is the world’s best setter
we’ve got no Bert we’re gonna serve him for sure Grahame he’s the guy’s a better
shot so I’ll keep an eye out for the shot but he’s got the best setting so we
got a server all right Damien Graham I’m not your buddy I’ll rip a spin he’s
got a good serve now nice sir may all sorts of trouble free ball coming me
that it’s the antenna Ref what’s open sneaks open Jess come on Ref did you not
see that hit the antenna buddy come on hit tension all right Graham you don’t
like that hit tough sir form a yeah that’s right
watch watch Joe Joe could press in careful now oh I’m on
that buddy Joe bar Joe smart unlike you two beasts that smart actually way to go
all right 200 or stay top Joe stay tough walk the left side get the heck off the
net Joe you to the net buddy Beauty Seth I mean Joe off the top yes
what John things smart with the too bold with a nice spot hitting it high aren’t
wait what the to just get blocked off his face and then back over the net how
to balance are you kidding me what I’ve never seen that happen before that is a
piss off you better make up for it Joe no I’ll make up for it pound down the
middle on to baby Joe I don’t even need you buddy I mean I need you but Joe I
can’t believe that just happened a Joe earn it back Joe laughs laughs I hope
Joe I got you put that way did you see that set wasn’t he dug that shit I’m on
that back play Joe now what’s open sneak sharp oh he was there my store
gasps what O’Malley are you kidding me that’s going on the highlight reel Joe
with the one arm dig look at this set though from way back there Joe you’ve
got a town that do did you see it get it right at the block you dumbass it’s all
right match ball to take us to the final here
we go Joe Joe Joe joe-joe so what do you do this side out
Joe here we go he’s spinning he wants this me oh damn
that was good sir outside Joe what’s open yes come on man
I thought the sneak but then he moved at the last moment I saw the sharp angle
yeah come on boys we’re in the final now time to show off for the crowd boys it’s
the last tournament before the Olympics I don’t even know what they’re doing
this is only G’s let’s get a win Joe let’s do it you know with a win heading
into the Olympics we play Astana and Batista we have a loss to these guys to
Wyatt I think my TSYS gotta be the guy look at
his family’s in terrible shape and he’s shorter
absolutely Batista look out buddy we’re serving you short as well George starts
the Batista that’s right make him do all the work
walk the left side Joe watch I’m on that Joe go get it
oh you pounded it down the middle I got to be on that my fault that short serve
maybe was a bad idea then we got a serve to deal good pass by me in the middle
what’s open where’s he going I saw him take that
sidestep you see that last-minute move like this is that way yes Wow I’m
nervous all right letís stuff you see how you can handle May serving you short
Joe crushing you deep wow what a great pass watch him watch his arm
Joe yes Joe relax let’s go come on buddy but teesta
is already tired I can seems convenient Joey’s gonna put you off the left side
Joe watch his arm come on oh I help
way too long dang it I was waiting to all over that – to the – to stay tough
man he ripped that I’ll diamond up outside Joe making a move don’t take
that step into the core I won’t bounce that line all day do not give me that I
will take it – all right let’s he’s – how about a short one he dealt with the
deep ones is it watch the two on the partner I’m on that Joe way outside can
he make it there in time he could not I’m scoring on that let’s
go does not hurt me I’m in the zone Phil Joe set Paul let’s these deadbeats
extraordin watch the partner on two though Joe he likes it
come on Joe just stick your own – there buddy wait up side out for the set buddy
I’m gonna come I mean whoa why was the power of position what’s open
what’s open did I get that chill replay Jones replay he blocked it okay
what the actual so he blocks it out of bounds where does that hit me
we’re in the world does that hit me block out of bounds how does that hit me
it’s out how did they get the point on that I gotta say top that’s ridiculous
this game no stay top stay top the refs are against vests
here we go he’s ripping a spin I’m on that Joe put me on the net
Joe come on sting top the rest do not want us to win this game let Bautista
get unfortu it’s alright crush one over there Joe watch the two ball no to ball
watch his arm Oh Joe I was on that
it clashed side out here in my name let’s go buddy yeah on the net Joe
what’s open what’s on it don’t take that side step on it now I’m
set come on man this is intense do it no okay let’s go by teesta so it
could be yours a short one block the left side Joe well we put it on to their
beta data I’m all over that Joe whoa are you kidding me Joe that was the dumbest
to ball everybody we’re way off the net turning left seized pound cross-court
what Joe I will take it set long here we go we had a chance at this before Joe
get up to the net watch his arm I’m on that to the net Joe what are you
thinking yeah Joe all right one more set buddy one more set let’s go momentum let
the momentum will you Joe I’ll section I don’t want to start off with the two
ball Joe over top of everybody in the court yes Joe let’s go what is this
let’s go buddy hi Joe put t-step sir let me get easily
fatigued especially the erlin off his face
off his face boy he did not know him Joe just served it off his face I’m
gonna let that sink in for a moment Joe rips a sir link off the face he did
not move watch it just watch it he stood up a little bit it was like he
meant it to hit him in the face what are you thinking I will change it
oh my – OH let’s go Joe hit him in the face again
you’re an idiot Joe freefall you buddy one ball Joe what
the hell is going on all right here we go
Joe I cannot believe that Joe you know what yes the bounce come on Joe Joe
really Joe you hit the guy in the face on a serve and then you roll one on one
into the net Wow serve a short two fatty stuff you get up there Joe block the
left side why are you going all the way back there watch watch his arm come on
it Joe you see that dig yes come on Joe I really wish you would set me you
greedy bastard short sir for the wind get up there Joe Joe get them back up to
the net buddy watch watch yes Taha Joe you totally redeemed
yourself block for the win
yeah come on whoa all right guys well that’s gonna do
for this episode it’s or you to wait so long for the next video but man that one
was intense I got a tournament win even with the way
I was rusty that is not a normal thing I will I’m gonna take some practice before
I play the Olympics like I have to like I definitely have to thank you guys so
much for watching thank you for supporting the channel that’s but a few
of you reached up and like hey yes guy where the hell are you and not you’re
totally right so hopefully this video is well Matt well-received sorry for the
wait thank you guys for the support if you haven’t already hit that subscribe
button would really really appreciate it trying to grow this channel it’s getting
somewhere we are growing and keep it going anyways thank you guys again so
much for watching and we hope to see you next time on Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Gameplay Yes Guy Gaming FIVB Beach Volleyball Big Spike Huge Block Yes Guy Garrett May

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