2 thoughts on “West Indies Team for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

  1. Hey I don't think that this is term get pass first round in this world cup 20/15. W I has to stop recycle cricketers I no of better player. Who will never get to play so when the people. With cricket brain come on board. Like big bird j/g then things will get better now is the time to getrid those of time keeper in the w I board who still. Can't up now tell the rest of people all over place what is the time now our young player are hungry. To play at very top but u no them is saying not yet.

  2. I support the West Indies team. Way to go with win over Pakistan. Pakistan is a strong team but someone has to win and someone has to lose. The West Indies have improved on their game and from such I hope they make it to the semi finals. West Indies you have my support, go boys do your thing….

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