What are Offense and Defense in Baseball? – Baseball Basics

Hey guys, welcome back to 90 Feet from
Home. This is going to be a quick episode, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s just a really
simple breakdown of offense versus defense in baseball. This is one that’s
always messed me up, because offense, defense they mean different things in
different sports. And with baseball, they’re kind of different from any other
sport out there. So I thought I would give you guys a really quick breakdown
on what is offense, and what is defense in terms of a baseball game, so that when
you hear about offensive strategy defensive strategy, playing good offense,
playing good defense — these words have now lost all meaning to me — you know what
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offense versus defense, and what they mean in terms of baseball. Defense in
baseball is actually very interesting, because it’s one of the few sports out
there which gives the defense control of the ball. In terms of what is defense in
baseball, the pitcher and the outfielders all count as part of the defensive side
of the baseball team. It’s actually quite interesting because it’s one of the few
sports in which the defensive players outnumber the offensive players quite
considerably. You have at least nine defensive players on the field counting
the pitcher and the fielders, whereas you only have between one and four offensive
players, counting the batter and potential baserunners. So it is a very
lopsided kind of arrangement, in that the defense outnumbers the offense quite a
lot. Defense for baseball works in one of two ways. Either, as the pitcher you are
striking out a player, or as a fielder you are making tags, catches, double plays,
or any of those arrangements that will get a baserunner out. Basically
the goal of the defense is to reach three outs. Whether you do that by
pitcher strikes, by catches, by tags, or whatever arrangement you achieved that
three outs, it is ultimately the goal of the defensive baseball team to get three
outs. The offense in that case becomes the batter and the baserunners. So the
goal of the offense, of course, is to score as many runs as possible against
the defense. The batter and your baserunners then make up the offensive front of the
team. And when you’re looking at your baseball lineup, in terms of best offense,
you want to construct it in such a way that you’re going to get the most
players on base, giving you the best possible opportunity to get runs batted
in. So we’ll get into baseball lineups in another episode, but I hope that makes
sense in the breakdown between what is defensive play and what is offensive
play in baseball. So again defense: Pitcher. Fielders.
Offense: whoever is at bat or running the bases.
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  1. A baseball field is quite interesting as it’s played out shape like a diamond and they could be in any distance the wall for the ball to get over the fence for a homerun oh could you do a video on the distance between complete in centerfield why not explain with the batters eye is

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