What does wicket mean?

What does wicket mean? wicket. Noun 1. A small door or gate, especially one associated with a larger one. 2. A small window or other opening, sometimes fitted with a grating. 3. (UK) ; A service window, as in a bank or train station, where a customer conducts transactions with a teller; a ticket barrier at a rail station. 4. (cricket) ; One of the two wooden structures at each end of the pitch, consisting of three vertical stumps and two bails; the target for the bowler, defended by the batsman. 5. (cricket) ; A dismissal; the act of a batsman getting out. 6. (cricket) ; The period during which two batsmen bat together. 7. (cricket) ; The pitch. 8. (cricket) ; The area around the stumps where the batsmen stand. 9. (croquet) ; Any of the small arches through which the balls are driven. 10. (skiing, snowboarding) ; A temporary metal attachment that one attaches one’s lift-ticket to. 11. (US, dialect) ; A shelter made from tree boughs, used by lumbermen. For example, (Can we find and add a quotation of Bartlett to this entry?) 12. (mining) ; The space between the pillars, in post-and-stall working. For example, (Can we find and add a quotation of Raymond to this entry?) 13. (Internet, informal) ; An angle bracket when used in HTML.

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