What future for decent work in Europe and Central Asia

“It happened, as it happened
with most of the teams at the time, the club ran out of money, so I had to search for another
chance in another club.” “I had to go to a country
where handball was more important, and also had
more opportunities about jobs.” “So they talked to me about a project, MobiPro, and they offered me a place
as an office clerk, and at the same time
I could learn German and I could play handball, so for me it would be perfect.” “This training, this project is for people
who, in their own country, they did not have
a chance to find a job, so it’s a chance project, for me.” “I would like to stay in Germany because slowly
I am learning their mentality. It’s for sure different from my mentality, but I kind of like it, slowly. So I realize that here I can stay,
I can live. And I see my future also here.” “Unfortunately I have not yet
succeeded in finding a job, but I put a lot of effort into it by applying to jobs in the public
as well as private sector. I haven’t had any luck yet but I hope that in the future
I’ll be able to fulfill my dream to work in the field that I studied.” “I am unemployed at the moment but occasionally I volunteer for
the Tuzla organization NERDA” “Indeed, there was very little practice at
university; everything was reduced to theory. I compensated largely
by working in advocacy counselling. I had a chance to experience
law in its application. But a great deficiency was in
that practical part of our studies.” “In any case, I would like to move forward, find permanent employment
in any segment of law, as this is really what I enjoy doing, where I find myself and… yes, I would like to find some job,
not just do volunteer work.” “My typical work day looks like getting up around eight o’clock, usually baby sleeps until ten but sometimes
she just gets up with me and we have breakfast.” “It allows me to work from home and being in contact with
my customers via Facebook, WhatsApp,
email and the phone as well as being in contact with my colleagues.” “I personally think I have a
very good work life balance because of working from home because I can do both at the same time: care for my daughter
be there for her and do my work.” “You don’t really feel like
being part of a team because you don’t see and
hear what’s going on in the office and what people talk about.” “I would be very happy if more companies would choose
this kind of employment style to give children the chance
to be with their parents and parents the chance
to be with their children 24/7 and just to care for them because being with their parents
is the best, especially when they are so little.” “My husband didn’t have a job. We had no money so I went to another city to work.” “Of course it was difficult. I worked and kept
on thinking about my kids: what are they doing now? What do they eat? I was worried about them.” “They did not give me
any sick leave or family leave. I just worked from morning till night, without any employment contract.” “When my son grows up a bit,
I will go to work again. Maybe I will go to Dushanbe again, if I can find a good job with a good salary.” “I started out harvesting
hazelnuts and apricots as well as using a hoe
when I was 10 years old.” Turkey’s national action plan to end
child labour reached 50,000+ children in 12 years “I left school due to my family’s work. We couldn’t go to school. We didn’t have the opportunity. We were forced.” “Because of the project, children under the age of 15
were not allowed to work in Ordu. I went to the project school. It helped me.” “The school in Ordu got me
out of child labour. I am now in eighth grade
and continuing my studies.” “A steady education is necessary, as well as well-informed families,
to stop the child labour. Something could be done with this approach.” “Before I worked as a turner. My factory closed. Now I work as a taxi driver
at Uber company. It is a reliable company. I intend to continue to work here
while I have the strength.” “They give you a car at your full disposal, as if it is your own family car… If something happens,
they provide insurance and benefits.” “Certainly, I have more freedom now… I can start at two am,
three am or work all night… whenever I want.” “Of course there are some
deductions that go to the company. But mainly it is working for yourself.” “We are, as the saying goes,
in free float” International Labour Organization (ILO)

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