What Happened to Prince Fielder? (feat. Sadman Baseball)

okay this is going to be the weirdest
video I’ve ever done Christian Yelich had fractured his
kneecap late into the 2019 season point in the year where Yelich had 44 home
runs to his name he was on pace to join the short list of 50 home runs in a
season and Brewers history before his injury because of his injury the
population of that list remains one its sole member Prince feel their hey
everyone and welcome back to episode 4 of this series if you haven’t seen any
of these before I basically go back and recap the careers of certain players
typically those whose careers took a turn for the worst
talk about how they ended and then sometimes talk about where they ended up
afterwards when I knew I wanted to dedicate one of these episodes to one of
my favorite players and white entrepreneurs I started thinking about
his story and thinking about it actually got me really sad I figured who better
to try and help me get through these kinds of emotions than sad man baseball
himself he and I are going to go through the entire Prince Fielder timeline and
hopefully either educate you on the career of one of the best homerun
hitters of this century or bring back some old memories that you may have had
of him growing up like I did before we talk about anything Prince Fielder
related we’ve got to talk about something that we’re doing this video
and you’ve got to start paying attention to me right now because it’s gonna get
weird so I watched a video the other day about
the Star Wars universe and more specifically different ways you can
watch the Star Wars saga and have them have different effects on you based on
the way you watched it I promise this will make sense in just a second it’s
just the way those stories are told in chronological order has a different
effect of how you perceive the story it got me thinking about the different ways
you can tell a story and how I can maybe implement these kinds of ideas into a
video I found a way to do this that I’m gonna try here today for the first time
on our channel we’re gonna let you decide for yourself how you want to
watch this video and by that I mean that you can choose the order of which you
travel through the Prince Fielder timeline in this video if you’re the
type that likes to take in a story in a linear traditional progression you can
ignore anything I’m about to say and any on-screen prompts that you see in this
video and watch straight through from beginning to end just as if you were
watching a typical video if you’d like to watch it in this new way and jump
around the timeline with us Avengers end game style
and closely I’m gonna have this image in the background whenever I’m giving you
guys alternative routes to take in this video if you’d like to watch this like a
normal video and just watch straight from beginning to end the easy way turn
off your brain whenever you see this on screen and don’t do anything future me
tells you to do if you want to watch this video like a normal person and not
try this little game like you’re in saw 9 you can skip to the timestamp on
screen now seriously last chance because if you don’t skip to the timestamp
you’re gonna get confused for those of you who are still listening and want to
make your own choices as to how you want this story to be told to you follow the
prompts that appear on your screen throughout the video this is a
trimmed-down version of The Prince Fielder timeline there are going to be
two main detours you can take while watching this video I’m gonna call them
the foreshadowing route and the downfall route and I’ll tell you which one is
which when we get to each remember which route you chose because that’ll dictate
how the rest of the video plays out for you if you decide to choose a different
path at any point I’ve made it so that there will always eventually be prompts
that send you back to where you initially took the detour and you can
watch the stuff that you missed if you follow the instructions closely you’ll
be able to hear the entirety of this story regardless of the choices you make
if at any point you find yourself confused you can always come back to
this point and just watch the video like a normal person I know you didn’t want
to use your brains when watching this video and I’m sorry but you know let’s
just have some fun so with all that out of the way three
minutes into this video let’s finally talk about Prince Fielder Prince was
born in 1984 now that’s too far back before Prince’s first game in the big
leagues he was exposed to the league through his father Cecil fielding this
all was a power hitting first baseman who predominantly played for the Blue
Jays and Tigers in the 80s and 90s growing up with a dad with such a resume
Prince meant a good amount of time in club houses around baseball and had
experience with the Leake well before he put on cleats of his own he’d even hit a
home run at a major league ballpark before entering high school Prince often
used to join his father at batting practice when he played for the Tigers
in the 90s at home run I was referring to was hit into the upper deck off
current Indians manager Terry Francona during a trip with dad to batting
practice when he was only 12 years old if you already know where Prince ended
up in his career this is a pretty serious case of foreshadowing here’s our
first time jump if you’d like to skip ahead to see why this is foreshadowing
and then come back to continue his story skip to the timestamp on screen by doing
so you’re choosing to take the foreshadowing route if you want to
continue this story normally hold for a brief second
you welcome back if you decided to take the
foreshadowing route and if you’ve stuck around let’s continue by the time
princess career was over him and his father had both hit 319
career home runs that was a pretty incredible stat but as we’ll see
throughout this video Prince didn’t want to be in his dad’s shadow his entire
career and had always strived to distinctly separate his career from his
father’s the 2002 MLB Draft featured a few well-known names Zach cranky Joey
Votto Cole Hamels Curtis Granderson the guy who punched Bryce Harper in the
noggin and of course Prince Fielder after being
drafted by the Brewers he spent a few years in the low tiers of the Mater
leagues his first professional game he hit a game tying grand slam in the ninth
inning and didn’t look back from there he was looking with the guy everybody
predicted him to be as the next few years progressed he climbed up the ranks
and began the 2005 season with Milwaukee’s triple-a affiliate only a
few months into the season Prince had received the call to join the big-league
club right out of the gate Prince had found success in the big leagues to the
surprise of few and forced the Brewers hand the club at Delta way starting
first baseman Lyle over bay to the Blue Jays the following year to make room for
fielder as their full-time first baseman field in had a pretty slow start in his
first full season in 2006 but finished the season with a very respectable 271
2881 line earning him 7th place in the National League Rookie of the Year vote
his first full season was his last year of mediocrity for quite some time we
talked before about Christian Yelich almost joining the 50 home run Club in
Brewers franchise history a listed with only fielder’s name to bear while the
year 2007 and only his second full season is when he brought his game to
the next level and added his name to that list fielder was the starting first
baseman for the NL all-star team in 2007 even beating out the two previous NL MVP
winners and Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols he led the National League at the
break with 29 homers and eventually went on to win the home run crown at the end
of the year he broke the franchise homerun record on September the 15th and
became the youngest player to ever hit 50 home runs ten days later he really
wanted to get past 51 to surpass his father’s career high but just fell short
he still had an absolutely astounding year offensively slugging 50 home runs
driving at 119 runs and having an Opie s over 1 including a major league leading
tie in WRC with the eight other pools and only a second big
league season fielder had already become a name
pitchers across baseball knew all too well with fielder looking like the star
he was predicted to be he looked to continue to produce in the next season
here’s our second time jump if you’d like to look ahead to see where Prince
ended up before continuing and take what’s called the downfall route go to
the time stamp you see on screen and sad man baseball will take care of you for a
bit before sending you back to this very spot if you had taken the foreshadow
route don’t listen to what I just said continue watching so whether you’re sticking with us from
before or you’re just coming back from sad man talking about the tail end of
princes career let’s continue on 2008 was a bit of a regression for fielder up
until the end of the season with the Brewers in the midst of hunting a
playoff spot for the first time since 1982 Prince awakened even with the
surprising late firing of Brewers manager Ned Yost Milwaukee had snuck
into the postseason the Brewers had the unfortunate circumstance of running into
the eventual world champion Phillies and their playoff run was cut short fielder
had the only home run for the Brewers in that entire series
the Brewers themselves rest in 2009 but fielder continued to rake he played in
all 162 games broke his dad’s single-season RBI record and finished
the season with a 299 batting average 46 homers 141 RBIs and o-p-s over 1 another
all-star appearance and a fourth place MVP finish to go along with the stats he
also won the home run derby that year in st. Louis 2010 featured a much worse
Brewers team and Prince Fielder nothing notable going on this year except that
the Brewers started to feel the walls closing in on them the following
offseason in regards to making a deep postseason run they felt it from the
fans and from fielder who wasn’t sure if he would be residing after the 2011
season after several trades including acquiring Zack Greinke
the Brewers looked to win in 2011 Prince made it to another all-star game and
even took home all-star game MVP he put up some more astounding numbers during
the regular season both him and eventual MVP winner Ryan Braun were both
incredible that season and provided a phenomenal one-two punch for their
offense the entire way through the Brewers had gone on to make the playoffs
in 2011 and were matched up against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the division
series the home team went on to win every game of that series with the
Brewers ending up advancing the series was capped off in the 10th inning of
Game five with Toni plush knocking in yi-yi-yi
to send fielder and the Brewers on a date with the Cardinals one interesting
storyline from the 2011 NLCS was one that had many implications off of the
field both Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols two NL Central first baseman who
were two of the best hitters in the game were both free agents at the season’s
end and it was very possible that the series would have been the end of the
road for at least one of them it ended up being the case for both of them now
if you know who David freezes you know who won the series and you know who won
the World Series so I’ll just skip past this NLCS so I
don’t upset any Brewers fans watching so the Brewers got knocked out by the
Cardinals and princefield there’s incredible time with the Brewers had
come to an end if earlier you took the foreshadowing route you can now skip to
sad man’s part follow the timestamp on screen and it’ll take you there if you’re just joining us from taking
the foreshadowing route welcome and if you’ve been watching this far let’s
continue so Prince Fielder hit the free agent market in the 2011 offseason and
in January of 2012 took his home-run-hitting talents to the city of
Detroit Prince went from watching his dad played for the Tigers and hitting a
home run at Tigers batting practice at the age of 12 to being the one getting
paid to hit homers for them himself fielder signed a nine-year 214 million
dollar deal with the Tigers to give them one of the best to middle of the order
duo’s in all of baseball fielder was an all-star again in his first season with
the team in 2012 and was also chosen by captain Robinson canó to participate in
that year’s Home Run Derby a derby he’d end up winning for the second time in
his career he was also the only player ever to win the Derby in both leagues
and join Ken Griffey jr. as the only two players who had won it twice Yoenis
Cespedes would eventually join them two years after fielders impact on the team
was felt all season and especially by Miguel Cabrera
fielder’s protection hitting behind Cabrera definitely played a role in
Cabrera as historic triple crown winning season the Tigers would go on to win the
AL Central beat the A’s and Yankees and send Prince Fielder to his first World
Series in his first year with the team the series didn’t go as well as the
preceding journey though the Tigers had to wait five days for the Giants to win
their series and that pretty much killed all the momentum may have been building
up Prince’s bat was silent the entire series and the Tigers got swept in four
games by former what happened star Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants
looking to 2013 Prince was an all-star again that season and he still had
another pretty good year but his production was down from years past the
Tigers made the postseason again in 2013 but went out quietly in the ALCS with
Prince fielder’s bat silent something worth noting for the third consecutive
season Fielder played in all 162 games he actually did this four out of the
last five seasons up to this point and the only time he didn’t he played in 161
this is an important stat to remember this would be the last season of
fielder’s career that he would play in over 160 games the rest of the story
gets a bit too sad for my liking so as I promised before here sad man baseball
with the rest of Prince Fielder story if you took the foreshadowing route you can
follow the timestamp on screen to take you back to where you originally left if
you took the downfall route follow the timestamp to point F as shown
on-screen if you’re still watching this linearly sit patiently and enjoy the
tunes all right sad man the stage is yours
imagine with me for a moment in just a moment
this won’t take long I promise okay imagine being born imagine being an
infant open your eyes try your hardest good I’m so proud of
you now who do you see yeah it’s your dad do you know who your dad is
it’s baseball’s very own sessile fielder yep the very one he was the first to hit
50 home runs in a season since George Foster in 1977 you did it
you chose the right dad he’s gonna help groom you to do exactly what he does for
a living and you know what you two are going to
hit 50 home runs isn’t that awesome what a swell dad dad dad dad what do you
think it would be like to be traded what if he got traded from the company work
for right now to another competitor would that be weird I like to think that
it’s hella weird and that’s what Prince had to endure in 2014 the Tigers traded
Prince Fielder and cash to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler straight up it
was the only time he was traded the Tigers didn’t want him anymore I bet it
feels a lot like getting fired and that sucks or maybe it was a relief
he didn’t seem to face after losing in the ALCS in 2013 maybe a fresh start is
what Prince needed maybe he wanted this 2014 marks the beginning of the end
Prince was having a not so special start to the season he had at 102 o PS plus
only three home runs and an uncharacteristic 360 slugging percentage
something wasn’t right it turns out he was injured right in the neck Prince
underwent a spinal fusion surgery to repair damage in his neck I have a bad
habit of imagining the injuries that baseball players go through and this one
is up there with one of the worst I took a couple ibuprofen just to help ease the
imaginary pain try to understand and try to remember for eight years
Prince only missed 13 games 13 how often have you called out of work how much
punishment do you think his body took by not resting more at this point I bet
that his frustration was building diminished performance losing in the
playoffs being traded and injured that’s quite the string of events Prince looked
to put this year behind him and start fresh in 2015 and he didn’t do too bad he came out hammering the wall at the
first half hitting 339 403 521 with a 160 o-p-s plus he was frankly on par
with this 2012-2013 self this is the prince everyone remembered his first
half got loaded into a sixth and final all-star team but that was the last
spark when the flame of his career from that point on Prince was at a below
average Texas made the divisional round and was knocked out by the Toronto Blue
Jays I remember where I was and I don’t
remember what I was doing I don’t even remember when it was or how I found out
but I definitely remember how I felt it’s in my name guys I felt sad okay
sad but more sympathy than anything Rangers Prince Fielder is now addressing
the media about his injury and what’s expected to be the end of his baseball
career let’s go ahead and listen in the doctors told me since you know to spinal
fusions you know I got it can’t play magic baseball anymore so I
just well I think my team my teammates don’t really miss I just been in a big
league club house since I was a you know their age so he said we usually get to
see baseball players bow out gradually as they slowly grow older their
performance worsens but with Prince they didn’t feel like that it felt like his
career up roughly halted like it was taken away from him Prince Fielder had
undergone a second spinal fusion in his neck it was declared medically unable to
continue playing baseball he would be retiring his performance in 2016 showed
that something was clearly wrong he had a steep dropoff didn’t look
himself he was hurting and hopefully that surgery ended or at
least curtailed any suffering he may have endured his playing career is over
but on the other side he has his family to enjoy which hopefully includes his
father according to a FanGraphs article Prince
Fielder alleges that his father says he’ll still 200k from his signing bonus
to pay for fees related to sessle’s divorce they had a falling out at the
time and they weren’t really on speaking terms I’ll finish with this quote from
Craig Calcutta at NBC sports on speaking about Prince & sessle’s feud he says
even though it would be nicer if the two of them had a good relationship than a
poor one I hope that Prince doesn’t get pestered too much about it by virtue of
the public’s need to see closure or resolution of a relationship that by all
rights shouldn’t concern us and he’s right who are we to say anything about
it I’m sorry Prince I’m sorry it ended the
way it did and I’m also sorry about your dad I hope things get better for you
start craving sports thank you for having me you had previously taken the downfall
route in order to get too sad man’s part early follow the timestamp on screen to
take you back where you left if earlier you took the foreshadowing route or
you’ve been consistently watching this in linear fashion continue watching and
stay tuned alright then let’s finish this story up
Prince Fielder left the major leagues on a much more sour note than when he
entered his injury was definitely a rough end to such an impressive
decade-long run in the major leagues even with the hand he was dealt he did
his best to keep his head held high and make the most of life after baseball to
go along with spending more time with his family Fielder started a cooking
show with his wife Chanel call the fielder’s choice that featured guests
like CC Sabathia ken griffey jr. that guy from mob of the dead actually sounds
pretty good I’m Michael watch it he seems like he has accepted how his
career ended and it’s just taking life as it comes and I guess that’s all you
can really ask for when you’re in that kind of situation he was one of my
favorite baseball players growing up and I’m certainly thankful that I was able
to grow up in the Prince Fielder era and had the privilege of watching him play
of the major leagues I’ll always remember fielder as the guy with the
swing powerful enough to tear a building down the guy who broke Barry Bonds in
single-season home run record with my Brewers franchise and MLB the show and
the guy who had a wonderful career in major league baseball when asked how he
wanted to be remembered as a player Prince said this that I was a guy who
came to work every day I was there when my manager got to the field at 12 I felt
like there was no reason for him to ever wonder if I was playing for me that’s a
big deal I teach that to my kids I’ve always said make a lot of money in Major
League Baseball and it’s all guaranteed so what do you have to lose by going all
out I got hurt and lost my career that’s why they do it so you can give all you
got I’d like to thank sad man baseball for joining me in today’s video he’s
only made two videos before so I’m incredibly grateful to be in such
exclusive company his stuff is really really awesome so if you’re a baseball
fan you will not regret heading over to his channel by going either to the
description or waiting for the end screens also if you guys can let me know
if you like this style with the whole choose your adventure thing I’ll
definitely make sure to incorporate this into future episodes in cooler and more
innovative ways if you guys thought it was good so definitely let me know if
you enjoyed that I hope you all enjoyed today’s video hopefully it wasn’t too
long for your liking thank you all so much for watching this far and I’ll talk
to you in another video very very soon you

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