35 thoughts on “What happens if Tails gets caught by Exetior in Hide And Seek Act 1 NB Remake Beta Version!

  1. Does Sonic.exe sound better with a demonic, insane sounding voice like the original, Sark or Exeller or deep and more angry like Exetior

  2. Why Jaiz doesn't add voice actors when the characters are being killed by Exetior? Just like you when you added a new voice for Tails

  3. I really feel said for tails whenever I play any exe games seeing him get killed in many ways knuckles is strong so he can fight it off and eggman deserves to die sometimes but tails did nothing he's innocent and a child.

  4. I miss it when you upload NB Remake. I hope our buddy Jaiz Koys will get it done soon after his business. #NBRemake

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