What Hockey Equipment is inside My Hockey Bag??? // Haydon

[Music] this video a long time ago but I never did that shot block protection like super protective on my team colors they ask you how you are you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand really there’s really some different so I’m sure my socks guys and then you want to the pants for the bad side up CCM taxes money 92 what ds3 oh these are super comfortable this is the best pants for like ever super awesome Vince I’m sure my pants my skates many speakers are elite hockey and this is skate it’s XS played keep the second ball inside has a new action of order which means that you spend this and remove the blade stuff mines that have t47 me really awesome this is the best buy for that I ever had so same exact thing I should put my skates I know I want to lug the CCM jetspeed ft one I’ll eat super protective how’s this thing they’re like super bulky it’s real nice short breaths always oh right because I had a game yesterday how do the story time right after this sharpens my tea stand oh that’s cute Ltd Sony I need I need to get her once cuz these are getting a little small and I also get shot in the up with a lot and it hurts so bad it makes my elbow fizz it’s an exact thing I’ve checked on Ivan how my Jersey I remember 97 again this is my only uniform my regular uniform is block matching some bronies colors our teams in fact called the Bruins so we live in Columbus Ohio so I really like that I wish I was at jackets organy team other than the Bruins I am hurt by the team that I’m gone because they need my to playoffs hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again [Music] hmm well I’m shipping my Jersey I don’t put on my gloves which is cesium pack Simonton surprise know where this flips out it’s actually very comfortable that’s wider protection you guys can already imagine my reaction when personnel my hockey shop told me let have water protection yeah you guys follow my reaction look what I’m gonna do pee out of my head or something so here’s a black age it does not really match you know it’s three versus cereal Goodman in gr 100 regular Network look at this dude the top of his head and suppose my night butter for my gloves your pounder is my sis and Jax I’m me maybe to loves these are good gloves I mean I know delicious I’m no finger had three thanks to the Fred get more grip and overall yeah yeah oh oh oh so that’s gonna video smash the like button subscribe is screen easy and I really am trying to get 50 subscribers so once I get that peace you guys forgot so the video is not getting an idiot I forgot about the stick that I do use and I can trust I didn’t charge it yet before I made a slip some mistake that I made a backup stick to my current stick this is the best thing ever I use this he seemed just beat ft2 by far my favorite here is this and I do put it he would have tell here’s our back end so and I do wax my sticks sometimes it depends on what the ice is like so I go view the ice once they’re done Zamboni and if I see like um or cut the ice they see like awesome snow they don’t go wax it if I don’t then I might wax it or I’ll just like relax it very lightly or just wax it at all so this is thick that I use in my backup stick him just feet throw the first one so now I can end up the video properly make sure to LIKE subscribe peace and I’m trying to get the free subscribers so in this [Music] [Music] [Music]

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