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  1. An his autobiography, "Batman & Me", Bob Kane admitted that he as so impressed with the 1926 film, "The Bat",  when he was fourteen, he later took some of the influences of the look of the arch-villain for Batman and considered the signal, which in the film picked its next victim, as the "prototype" for the Bat Signal.  He said, he later met Chester Morris, (who played the villain), and also happened to live down the street from him, and told Morris how much that film influenced "Batman".  Morris got a "kick" out of it.

  2. You bring up an interesting point about light and darkness. In Gotham the TV series, Gordon is portrayed as the darkness and Bruce Wayne, the captains and sometimes even Falcon and or Cobblepot (Penguin) as the light.

  3. I remember cinemassacres Batathon from years ago and he talked about the Bat movie and some of the inspiration it gave to batman like the bat signal, those are some really old videos now

  4. I paused this video to look at my phone, looked back, and said very childishly, "IT'S A KITTY." This comment is valuable. You're welcome.

  5. Just realised that the thumbnail was from Batman The Animated Series (Joker's favour) I've literally just watched it lol

  6. Also I have another question. This may not be related to DC and Marvel but it has something to do with heroes. Do you know the alien Overflow from Ben 10? If he could control water, does that mean he could control his own blood via doping to make himself fast as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece via Gear Second?

  7. Yeah, I'm with the 18% that flip flop. I try to pronounce it Rawz because I know that in Arabic that's how it's supposed to be but Raysh is just what I've heard all my life so that's what my first instinct is always to say.

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