What If Lee Chong Wei never plays badminton at the beginning

Such a beautiful weather Lee Chong Wei passed by badminton court LCW Come i can predict your future I dont belive in such things if you think that its useful then take it leave it if you think its bullshit Alright lets have a try 10 bucks you have potential to become world champion Looking at your powerful arms and wrist if you were to become WantanMee seller No doubt you will become top of the top of the top seller top of the top of the top LCW- possessing powerful arms and wrist we believe that he can cook 2000 plate/day King of WantanMee he is none other than LCW What if i dont sell WantanMee Based on your good reflex in badminton court you can easily kill mosquito and become world class mosquito killer LCW- after receiving fast shuttle for so many years the flying speed of mosquito has became piece of cake for him this is the latest news Mosquito now is facing extinction critically based on our source it was massively killed by LCW We are now facing serious imbalance ecosystem LCW what are you doing Our ecosystem is badly messed up you stop killing those mosquito master i dont think im going to do that with your strong legs you are going to become world class runner LCW- having such powerful legs if he applies this strength in running track Usian Bolt is going to lose how? dislike running? fine, based on how you dive yourself towards shuttle i believe that speed is going to take you winning in swimming LCW- been facing Lindan’s super smash for so many years he now has the fastest diving speed if he were to apply this in swimming his winning rate will be doubled LCW you have beaten michael phelps in this olympic how do you feel Well actually our standard is quite near Just that i have a faster diving speed hmm i dont think im going to swimming alright , things you see is now slower than ever you can become world class magic revealer ladies and gentleman welcome back to the show as we witness david copperfield’s latest magic that is truly REMARKABLE Nobody has ever done that hold on it seems that the latest magic of david copperfield has been exposed by an unkown person holdon it has been confirmed that the unknown person is LEE CHONG WEI i repeat his name is LEE CHONGWEI Well i dont feel like ruining ones job alright no problem actually you can become oscar winner actor LCW- with less than 3 % body fat he is believed to be the next successor of Bruce Lee if he were to pursue in acting industry he will become superstars hmm i think i better go back for badminton good , ambitious i was trying to test you only why this world is so unfair seems like he is going to success in every aspect Boy do you think he is really that gifted? the reason he has such achievement it is because of his his attitude have you ever witness how hard his training is in national team neither do i , i listen to others haha his dedication perseverance that brings him what he is now our national hero Dato Lee Chong Wei alright its closing time again Mayfield would like to dedicate this songs Kau boleh, its a malay motivational song to our Dato LCW thank you for contributing so much to malaysia badminton and thank you for those great matches you have brought to us

41 thoughts on “What If Lee Chong Wei never plays badminton at the beginning

  1. Dato' Lee Chong Wei Lagenda sukan Malaysia…Nanti akan ku ceritakan pada cucu2 aku sekiranya aku bergelar datuk,bahawasanya Malaysia mempunyai pemain badminton super hero yg bernama Lee Chong Wei.Tahniah Dato'..jasamu dlm sukan badminton begitu menakjubkan.Tak lupa juga kpd Dato' Misbun Sidek yg menjumpai bakat Dato' Lee Chong Wei..Malaysia Boleh…

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