46 thoughts on “What if you were to go paragliding with Kang Minhyuk? ENG SUB • dingo kdrama

  1. shes so adorable and I can relate a lot to her shyness but I've learnt to be more confident when needed takes you a long way

  2. How rude these people are to the poor girl, she is just doing her job and make living😑personally i think she is brave for doing this as a job, i couldnt do it as id be too scared that people would be like that to me. Gives me a different perspective on how it is nice to be be nice to all people😊

  3. She is so adorable, and I hope this amazing day she had with an amazing man inspired her to be more confident! And as always, I hope they keep in touch. <3

  4. If they dont want the pamphlet, just say "No thank you" in a nice manner. As easy as 1, 2, 3! These people who gives out flyers are not forcing or shovel it to you face. They dont have to be rude brats like the girl are owing them for a living. Nice to see her happy with the outing with him even though it just for a short moment. Cos it will be a big occasion where she remember for the rest if her life. 🤙👍👏🤳

  5. Omg.. What do u even mean by handing trash.. Its her work.. These people are enough harsh to demotivate someone… I truely know how it feels when such things happen.. Omg these are rude people

  6. Holy shit Korean customers are the next level of mean. Get the stick out of your asses!! ☹️ I've seen most of the videos in this playlist and it makes me just want to go hug those poor workers that have to deal everyday with this level of BS.

  7. Wow that guy is so fucking mean, if I know him I would beat the shit out of him. I rarely comment but fuck I want to beat that guy.

  8. they are so rude I mean I see some one giving flyers in the sreet too but never heard smthng like that. or If someone is giving me a flyer I'll just accept it w/o saying anything much.

  9. I love how they show up to surprise fans and its not just for a quick photo but they spend time with them and encourage them. great job!!!! the western pop stars should learn something for them !!!

  10. I've always reminded my staff members to be polite with anyone they meet, even those who hand out flyers. I tell them to accept it with a smile, because that would mean a lot to them. Now seeing this breaks my heart. 🙁

  11. Whooaa, I think that even if I really hate heights, I will force myself to try that thing if my celebrity crush tells me to and if he's with me, lol hahaha 😂 That banner thing is really so sweet! 😍💖 I hope she really did pass the exam. ☺

    P.S. that 10:23 is really havey haha 😂

  12. I don’t care if they aren’t allowed to have a relationship, SHIP THESE TWO, they would be the CUTEST couple ever!

  13. It's not true that shyness is reflected in performances. Lee Jong Suk and many other actors, musicians, athletes and singers are shy and/or introverted but you wouldn't know from their performances.

  14. Mean people are all over the world… thanks to Min-hyuk and this program. The girl got a nice surprise and experience.

  15. Not to mention, at a restaurant I’ve been to, this one waiter who served us kinda every time, he looks exactly like Minhyuk. 🤧 I went to another restaurant down town, the cashier looked like Soobin aNd I-skskksksks

  16. “What if you were to go paragliding with Kang Minhyuk?”

    Me: I’d freak out.”, and make a fool of myself. 😂😂

  17. Why blur stupid human face when others try to make a living.. Let's show the face.. Be easier to recognize.. Than if see he/she face can immediately throw shit..

  18. I always thought that Korean people are , handsome , cute , kind , hamble , funny and cheerful , they can see that someone is trying all their best yet just walking past by u without even looking at u . Damn u all , u should bleed until u ran out of blood . U should make them feel that agony , that pain and make them feel u. but those stranger they don't deserve to have the title of being a " Korean " .
    I'm a human who loves humanity 😂

  19. I hope who is saying bad thing to San Narae will watch this video so they can get super embarrassing to they self..how low life they have..i really dont understand why need to say mean things?

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