What is a Good Bat Path?

this is Sean Plouffe from hitterish.com. today
we’ll talk to you about barrel path path of the bat and how it relates to the
swing and how the best hitters in the world used a very similar swing path to
hit the ball with consistency and power and really generated a swing path that
can be adjustable to all pitches and locations and hit for power so in this
clip we have very balanced arguably the best hitter ever and guess he drops his
hands he hitches and tips the barrel forward and drops the back shoulder a
lot of things that traditional coaches would look at and say that that’s not
how you do it but when you look at these movements we need to understand that
he’s doing a whole lot of things the right way and when we can learn to
recognize what he’s doing the right way we can really start to understand how he
was able to be as good as he was so I want to stop the video here and take a
look at where he swings from took a look at where he holds the barrel and where
he’s actually swinging from so look at the angle of the bat I mean look at the
coaches don’t teach this this is this is where he holds the bat and this is a
very leveraged position right he’s leveraged the bat he’s given himself
room with the barrel of the bat to really create a lot of bat speed back in
here and a lot of momentum you can see the bats getting up to speed back in
here right this is a fast move about the ball is halfway to him and look with the
barrel is right this move has to be done fast so you see the back elbow drop down
the front elbow come up and you’ve created this this wee
loose hinge II kind of momentum with the barrel of the bat and that carries
around and into the swing right so this kind of action right the direction of
the barrel going this way getting really hinging and twisting around the hand there’s another clip I want to show you
here so this is what it looks like from the top view right again very similar
barrel position obviously this is Mhairi mirrors he holds his hands a bit higher
than bonds does but very similar position with the barrel and I want you
to notice the direction of the barrel and how it spins around the hand and
into contact there’s a ton of that speed being created in here right I notice the
hands for the most part stay to the shoulder right the shape that he started
with is maintained through the swing right and a ton of bat speed has been
created here without the arms extending away from the shoulder and without him
really spinning his body too much look at the barrel speed up without his
shoulders really twisting off the ball so this is where we talk about what
these hitters are doing right and why it’s advantageous to look at these guys
the best way I can describe it is they’re able to create that speed
independent of their shoulders so you’ll see a lot of them the bat will be up to
speed or that will move about 10 to 12 inches before the shoulders ever turn serious Ted Williams very similar it’s
very balanced right extremely similar carries his hands low has a hitch you
know jabs his back shoulder down in there all of it but notice the path of
the bat all this path right here that’s moving that’s moving best moving
before the shoulders ever open up the bats all the way down into here and then
it comes around and into baseball some people would call this a loop in the
swing this is not just a lefty thing either this is not there’s nothing wrong
about this not a single thing this is how the best hitters in the world hit
the baseball this is this is how it’s done we use them as the example there’s
not a better way to hit than this I promise you so Ted Williams Babe Ruth
same exact bat that starts here barrows tips forward hands
it down now I’m not saying hold your hands low typically especially nowadays
you see guys hold their hands at the back shoulder with the back elbow up I
like that this feel in the hands and getting on playing back in here and
moving the bat independent of the shoulders stays needs to be there even
when your hands are up so again same kind of deal creating momentum back here
with the barrel carrying it through and into contact is a more modern hitter
David Ortiz same kind of deal look at where you swing you from right and to me
the swing starts when the barrel moves right the balls in the air right it’s
coming so he better do something quick from this position right that means he’s
swinging from this position all this movement where the hands are going up
and back right and kind of in right there coming in towards the body this is
not soaking hands this is hands away from the ball this is creating stretch
and good bat path and deep barrel path if you haven’t heard those terms before
well you just did this is the key to how these hitters are as good as they are
so notice where you start the hands and as the ball comes he’s pulling them back
pulling them back twisting the bat around his hand became creating that
momentum now they’re just an absolute not necessarily but I think it
definitely helps with adjustability and creating bat speed and this is a very
good-looking upper body this is this is what you like to see out of a hitter jimmie foxx notice the bat path right all of this
momentum and the speed and this adjustability is happening back in there
that really allows for the lower body to lead the movement and a ton of really
nice things this is how you create that speed independent of the shoulders this
is how you be how you can be adjustable to all pitches and locations is that
creating bat speed independent of your body terming
a lot of coaches struggle with kids pulling off the baseball and turning
their front shoulder open this is the only way to fix that is to learn how to
create that speed independent of the shoulders just Donaldson kind of bad time right same position we
saw a bomb look at the barrel look where he’s holding it look where the ball is
right this is where he’s swinging from this is a leverage position if you try
this position it may feel weird at first but this is how they swing this is where
they’re swinging from and look he really gets into here the ball is more than
halfway to them and look where the barrel is right
really really nice hitting position here really nice barrel action drop it down
in here is on playing with a pitch now now the hands can come forward now the
shoulders can turn look how far the barrel move before the shoulders turned barrel moved 20 inches in space before
his his upper body opened up look how much tension is created between the
upper and lower body here this is how you produce power as a smaller guy this
is how it’s done is Miguel Cabrera again you hold his hands a little higher but
same similar position with the barrel tipped right and he’s twisting this bat
around his hands see that twisting actin happen again
independent of your shoulders you like this video subscribe to my channel then
Sean Plouffe Hitterish.com catch you next time

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