What is Bat Burger?! [Batman]

Hello and welcome to Comic Drake, where I
talk about comic books and my name is Drake. DC Comics loves incorporating their own original
restaurant chains into their books. The most well known is probably Big Belly
Burger, a chain that’s so popular that there’s even a location in Hell. There’s also Planet Krypton, a Planet Hollywood
pastiche that first appeared in the alternate universe of Kingdom Come, but was later brought
into the main continuity. And of course, who could forget the Mexican
restaurant that Wonder Woman briefly worked at, Taco Whiz? Because comics. However, my personal favorite is a relatively
new addition to the world of DC, Bat Burger. Tom King is… well basically the king of
taking recurring jokes that get funnier and funnier with each appearance. A big example of this is how he basically
reinvented the character of Kite Man, but Bat Burger works in much the same way. Originally introduced in Batman Vol 3 #16
in 2017, Bat Burger is a themed restaurant popular enough to have at least three different
locations. Seriously, if you actually take a look and
compare them, they are clearly different buildings. Apparently a “Superburger” came first
in Metropolis, but whatever. We’ve never seen it. Only at Bat Burger can you have staff like
Mark here dress up as popular Batman allies including Robin and Wonder Woman. I especially like how even the kitchen staff
has to wear the outfits too. It appears that on occasion, the restaurant
will host costume parties where the customers can dress up as well. My favorite is this dude wearing a Condiment
King costume at the condiment stand. It MIGHT have just been a fan, but look at
just how much more detailed this costume is when compared with everybody else’s. In my heart of hearts, I feel like this IS
the real Condiment King and I love it. However, wouldn’t it be pretty dangerous
to dress up like a supervillain in Gotham City? Like I don’t even care if the quality of
the costume is bad, that’s not really a risk that I would be willing to take. Regardless, there’s more than just costumes
and memorabilia to make Bat Burger something special. For that, you need to look no further than
their menu of bat-centric eats. There’s such delights as the Night-Wings,
Robin Nuggets, KGBLT, Riddle-Me-Fish, Killer Crocque Monsieur (I bet I butchered that),
the Two-Face Sandwich, and the Ivy Salad which is SPECIFICALLY not poison. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense for Bat
Burger to not have their own Bat Burger which you can also get in deluxe and deluxe oversized
sizes. Apparently there’s also a Bane Burger. I imagine that it’s so big that eating it
will break your back! On the exact opposite side of the spectrum
however are the Bat-Mini sliders! All of these burgers are vegan friendly, allowing
consumers to get veggie patties and vegan cheese on request! We know for a fact that despite his initial
reluctance, Bruce Wayne is actually on board with the menu at least enough to eat there
on more than one occasion. He especially seems fond of the Bat Burger
and the KGBLT. Fries come in two forms, the most popular
being the Bat-Fries. Move over Chick-fil-A, because waffle fries
are a thing of the past with these fries in the shape of little Batman symbols. If you want more traditional potato sticks
though, then you can actually get the Vengeance Fries as well. Both options can also be Jokerized upon request,
which means that they get sprinkled with special red, white, and green seasoning. But don’t forget to wash down these delicious
delectables with a Bat-Soda! Apparently there’s fifty two flavors. Get it? DC loves that number. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing
options. There’s Spite, Choke, Sunpist, and Zapt! Now notice that it says “NEW” 52 flavors. Like I get that that’s a reference to the
New 52 comic brand, but take a look at the soda machine. There is only one self serve nozzle shown
in this New 52 era. When this restaurant was first seen, it wasn’t
self serve and there WERE multiple nozzles. That MUST mean that locations have actually
been upgraded to a modern machine sort of akin to Coke Freestyle, but I’m probably
overthinking that. No, I am DEFINITELY overthinking that… The Bat-Mite meal is perfectly suited for
kids as it comes in a box covered with fun activities like riddles. If that’s not enough though, the meals also
come with a toy! The only one we know about however is a Red
Hood action figure, but I’m sure that the other member of the Bat-family are also represented
as well. As a side note, I’m honestly shocked that
there has been no mention of a Mr. Freeze dessert item considering just how much thought
went into the menu. I feel like that’s a major missed opportunity. So there you go, literally everything that
I could find on Bat Burger with some other trivia tidbits for fun. I know that I went WAY overboard for a joke
that’s only appeared in like four issues and around thirteen pages in total, but you
guys said in my previous videos that you wanted to know more about Bat Burger so of course,
I delivered! If you wanted to give another fictional character
a restaurant though then what would it be called and what kind of food would it serve? Let me know down there in the comments below! But if you liked this video then why not consider
subscribing or even watching another one? In fact, if you want to know more about the
food of Batman then why not watch my video on “What Does Poison Ivy Actually Even Eat?” Is she a carnivore? Is she a vegetarian? Is it photosynthesis? What’s the deal? Anyway, I hope you learned at least a little
something new and maybe, I’ll see you next time.

43 thoughts on “What is Bat Burger?! [Batman]

  1. For Daredevil, a restaurant called the Kitchen of Hell's Kitchen.
    Main item is of course the DD Dish consisting of Billy-Club Fries and a juicy Devilburger. It comes in several variations. The larger DD Dish Deluxe, the even larger Doubled DD Dish Deluxe or the children portioned variant known as the Diddy Devilburger. You have the option of a Bullseye Burger which comes with the blackened bun with decorative white rings of sliced onion on the top as well as spicy bacon, barbecue sauce, and a sense intense guilt upon enjoying it. For those of you with no fear however, there is the King Sized Kingpin burger: Five patties tall, with all the fixings.
    If burgers aren't your thing, we also have such classics as The Hand-wich, Elektra Nachos, Jester Jerk Chicken, Leap-Frogurt and the Mr Fear Frappuccino.

  2. Comic Drake, do you think the reason for the batman themed fast food joint is so that Bruce and Co can have some place to relax and unwind a bit between busting villains? Think about it. What other restaurant would the DC superheros be able to go and eat in peace? They would be stared at and/or mobbed at any other place because they would be so easily identifiable. But, a restaurant that allowed cosplay allows for the real heros to go in unnoticed.

    And, if we haven't learned anything about Batman, it's that he has a plan for EVERYTHING!

  3. The flash should have a fast food restaurant with a flash meal(that’s a little bit of everything because the flash eats everything) and a kid flash meal, and flash sauce which is red with yellow seasoning in it and reverse flash sauce which is yellow with red seasoning in it. There should be like a captain cold themed slushie or something, a heatwave themed hot sauce, a gorilla grodd themed burger and elongated man fries that are unusually long

  4. Can I get a Doom Patrol Restaurant? I mean, it'd obviously be called Danny the Grill or something dumb like that, but I want Rebis ribs with Caulder rings and a Crazy Jane shake. Comes in 64 flavors and it's different one each sip. Oh, and half of your reservation for 4 is brutally maimed, mentally scarred or killed when you're done. Don't worry about the painting on the wall that just eat a waiter who got too close to it.

  5. Big belly burger is referenced a lot in the flash tv show I didn’t know it exist in comics I love that

  6. If I were to make a dc comics restaurant it would be Jonah Hex's roadhouse there would be foods such as the rootin tootin burger,the hex shake available in ten gallon size,and for desert the time twister which is a ice cream Sunday with vanilla ice cream,chocolate syrup,and clock shaped sprinkles and everything would be half of during high noon

  7. They need to open these IRL in the Warner Bros. Theme Parks. The Warner Bros. Theme parks need all the help they can get.

  8. I don’t really watch The Flash anymore, but one of my favorite running gags (heh, running) were the superhero/villain themed drinks at Jitters

  9. I know I'm treating an obvious joke too seriously, but I honestly am on the side of Bruce when he was indignant after hearing about "jokerized fries". Batman-theme fastfood is cool. In our world, that is. Not so much in Gotham.

    Batman and his allies alone are completly fine. But I really think that nobody with a little bit of sensitivity would ever include psychotic killers names on their menu. Think about it: Ted Bundy Burgers. Charles Mason Burgers. Adolf Hitler Burgers. Does not sound right, does it? I think people in Gotham City would think the same, about "jokerized fries". Imagine a guy, who yesterday lost his daugther to one of Joker's antics, he wants to grab a nice, unhealthy food to calm his nerves, and cashier asks him: "Do you want to jokerize your fries?". He would either fall down crying, or kill the guy on the spot. Incredibly unsensitive…

    But a good villian origin…

  10. I would actually love to go to a restaurant like this😂add in a section that sells dc comics trades and it will be great

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