WHAT IS FULL STALL (LE DECRO) ? WATTIZZ S01E05 | Acro Paragliding Webshow #acroparagliding

Hello and welcome to WATTIZZ the Acro WEBSHOW for those who doesn’t get it…but just a little based on one simple question answered in 3 minutes chrono Today in WATTIZZ we’re not gonna talk about the war on Vulcan’s Planet as dramatic as it could be nor speaking about the symbiotic relationship between the sloth and the mite ’cause today we gonna talk about…a trick ! It’s the holly basic trick whitch splits the paragliding world in two groups Those who did it and those who didn’t (true story) Sooooooo… you did it ? Yes… Yes I did ! the one whitch serves as rite of passage to the real steering world the one whitch gives to your glider the apearance of a “used clinex” today we gonna answer the following question : what is full stall ? The “decrochage”, “décro”, “weirdly shaped flapping carpet”, “full stall” in american or “perdida” in spanish is like a big portal whitch leads to the wanderfull and dangerous world of acro its aerodynamic process is quite simple this is a flying wing : and this is a non-flying wing we said that it’s “stalled” ’cause the aerodynamic forces whitch were maintaining the lift do not aply anymore so the full stall process is to pass from the first phase to the other pulling like hell on the brakes this guy is actually doing self instructed full stall… and here you say : but it’s so stupid, nothing difficult doing this maneuver ! and PAF ! you take tousands turns of twist cause you dont know how to put your hands or you fall into your glider ’cause you let your hands up at the wrong time many errors you will have to care about but what’s the relationship whith acro ? Acro is supposed to be nice and here it’s just ugly And you’re totally right young scalawag so listen to me mastering the full stall is like killing your first boss and leveling up in a RPG game it gives access to a lot of new skills for example if you take speed befor pulling on the brakes it will leads to a “decrochage dynamique” , dynamic full stall in american or DFS if you’re too lazy to write it and that will not only give you points in a competition but also half a second of weightlessness and half a second…doesn’t mean nothing and if you manage to take more speed and pull the brakes earlier it will look like this and we call it a superstall or “superdécrochage” in french (but nobody says that) and if you manage to take way more speed and pull the brakes way earlier you will climb really high over the wing, fall into it and die like an idiot so please… dont do that before saying goodbye I let you listen to this short advice that was WATTIZZ, I hope that it helped you but anyway it helped me you can propose topics in the comments down below see you next week for the next episode till then take care and have good flights ! SUBSCRIBE MOTHERFUCKER !

13 thoughts on “WHAT IS FULL STALL (LE DECRO) ? WATTIZZ S01E05 | Acro Paragliding Webshow #acroparagliding

  1. My INNER COWARD just lit up……………

    gave my INNER I COULD DO THAT a really big slap

    and told it to get back in the box where it belongs

    Great post always entertaining 突

  2. "en tout cas c'est mon cas? " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlFCbnxv-CI tu peux pr矇ciser comment tu y vois plus clair. les nouvelles lunettes? suggestion: !whatizzz tandinite, or tendinitis o tendinitis (oui c'est pareil en espagnol) ou putin j'ai mal aux bras.

  3. Je commence tout doucement dans le domaine avec mes premieres SAT… Mais vivant en plaine, dur dur

    Et bien tes videos sont une bouffee d'air quand je ne peux pas prendre du gaz! Merci a toi et lache rien, le ton donne est excellent!

    Un prochain sujet? Les wings, la SAT, des trucs plus accessible pour un public plus large!

    ah! check ma page youtube tant qu'a faire

  4. Je rigole a chaque fois tout seul derri癡re mon 矇cran =)
    continu c'est franchement dr繫le et 癟a fait plaisir..

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