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Hello and welcome to Wattizz The “Acro For Dummies” webshow For those who doesn’t get it…but just a little Based in one simple question answered in 3 (4) no… 3 minutes chrono ! Today in WATTIZZ we gonna look at a trick which is giving dreams only to the purist A trick which, when you look at it you think it’s easy and absolutely not spectacular at all meanwhile from the inside you’re struggeling like a motherfucker a trick which nobody cares about but the base of everything So today we gonna answer the following question : What is HELICOPTER ? “L’helicoptère”, “helico” “heli” or “helicopter” in american is THIS !!!! YEAH I DID THIS JOKE… THE PILOT ALMOST DIED !!!! HERE HE DIED… HERE HE JUST LOST HIS JOB… AND HERE HE LAUGHED… A LOT But this is also one of the first acro maneuver, invented by… Nobody knows actually And consists in a perfect and stable spin where the gliders turns around a vertical axis on side flying forwards and the other…backwards YEAH THAT’S YOU LUKE !!!!! DONT THANK ME ! WARNING !! you shouldn’t confound this maneuver with the “HELICO-DICK” Wich consists in making weird turns with his…winnie when you’re too drunk in a party and which is old like the world itself but i’m loosing my ideas… I was saying that the helicopter is a verry complex maneuver oftenly asking WAY more practice than the easy looking : “You brake ! you brake ! you brake !, pitch control and start” not like some random guy was letting us believe so You brake ! you brake ! you brake ! pitch control and start… no outside break…here we are ! finally once you master this trick it allows you to learn more high leveled and complex maneuvers which we’ll see in the future episodes by the way if you have any idea dont hesitate to put it down bellow in the coments to put a proper end to this episode I let you with an expert speaking about helicopter That was WATTIZZ ! I hope this show helped you a bit hopefully it did helped me Let’s meet next week for the next episode take care and have good flights SUBSCRIBE !!!!! RIGHT NOW !!! OR I BURN YOUR WHOLE FAMILLY !!! THANKS !!!!

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  1. En vrai l'heli c'est vraiment tout simple,trois ans en internat, un bassin bien agile et le tour est joué

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