What it Means to Be a Cavalier Baseball Player

Baseball, it’s all about challenging yourself
and doing your job and what’s expected of you. That’s something that comes with being a Virginia baseball player. [MUSIC PLAYING] With us being at this level of baseball, you’re
going to have to do extra work on your own if you want to be the best player that you
can be. You can’t let days go to waste. We’re here to work, and we’re not wasting any
of that time. [MUSIC PLAYING] You might come up to the field late at night
and you kind of hear, like, balls rattling around. You’re like, I wonder who’s up here at 11o’clock
at night? It’s somebody who has said, I’m going to go
up to the field. I’m going to work. And that’s kind of contagious, too. You say, well, what am I not doing to get better
at 11:00 at night, too? There’s a constant push to get better. There’s a constant drive to better the team. This is family. This is what I’m going to do. This is how I’m going to help. [MUSIC PLAYING] When you have these guys to your left to your right
and you can look at them and say, you know, they’re giving their all for me. I’m going to give my all for them. Your best is different than the best. The best is all about comparison.Your best
is based on you, and what you can do as a person mentally and physically. And if we have everyone’s best within this
group of guys, we are going to be the best. [MUSIC PLAYING] We have this time here, we have this time
now, and we want to make the best of it. When we leave Disharoon Park as this current
team, I think the main thing that we want to take away is that we did our job. Baseball is a game, and, I mean, few people
are lucky to play it for a living. But you can learn life from the game of baseball,
and that’s what I’ve been doing, being a Virginia baseball player. That’s the reason why we ultimately chose this
university, because we’ll be successful life after college, life after baseball, I mean,
that’s everything. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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