What makes Sachin – God of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar is being hailed as God
of cricket and has been recently inducted in ICC Hall of Fame he is being
liked for his game and positive attitudes on and off the field with his
unbelievable batting skills and attitude in life he has provided us with life
lessons the number one would be his dedication Tendulkar career span is
spread for more than 24 years highest of any cricketer he started playing at the
age of 11 and played his first Test at the age of 16 with his dedication he
played the highest number of matches in tests and ODI the number of runs he
accumulated is a record difficult to be broken over a long period of time these
achievements were possible only due to his dedication toward his game we all
work for more than 30 years in our professional career doing the same thing
day in day out yet we do not make it like a pro in that field we should be as
dedicated as such an Thunder curl and we will attain the highest rewards in life
the next life lesson would be his attitude ask any cricketer and he will
praise such an Tendulkar for his attitude first and then his game in his
career he had many injuries but he always rose against all the odds and
fought bravely to come out of it many bowlers strategized against him and
planned for getting him out but he quickly realized their plan and develop
skill to face them bravely in life we are also faced with a few unexpected
event we should learn from such in Tendulkar that we should always bounce
back in life however difficult the situation be the number third life
lesson would be motivated so many cricketers started playing cricket by
watching such internal Gandhi he has motivated so many cricketers in India
that it would not be an exact if we dedicate the new breed of
cricketers to such an America the number fourth life lesson would be his
truthfulness we have seen so many instances when such an Tendulkar is out
he will just walk off without waiting for my decision this is how truthful he
was towards the game in life when we know that it is our mistake how many of
us actually admit the same we can learn from such and then look at the quality
of truthfulness which goes a long way even after your game is over the number
of fifth life lesson would be his hard-working nature such in Tendulkar
has taught us that whenever he used to get out on a particular delivery he will
practice that delivery in neck so many times that he will master the same if
you remember the match against Jim Bobby wherein Henry along a bold bouncer to
such an and got rid of him in the next match such in smash Jim all
around the park and scored 124 in 92 deliveries he worked on his weakness and
turned it into his strength how many times in life we are faced with
overwhelming tasks wherein we are completely bogged down by them and lost
how many of us work hard on our weakness and come back with a vengeance to
overcome them and the sixth life lesson we can learn from him is his learning
attitude he is a student forever Sachin Tendulkar has been a student for
the game of cricket all through his life he continues to learn new shorts
practice them at Nets and perfect them and when we see him delivering those
effortless strokes what we miss is the arts of learning in mastering that
stroke such in Daniel Carr is an institution in himself and whether on or
off the field he always demonstrates humility and positive attitude towards
life if you also want to learn these characteristics and apply them in
your life then you can learn these in detail by watching my videos how to
enjoy learning how we can remain always happy how to motivate ourselves and
others how to be responsible in life

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