What Should I Look For in a Good Cricket Bat? — KSC Podcast Highlights

Stuart: Let’s maybe talk—let’s talk some bats. Let’s give some customers a bit of insight. Harry, what do you— so this is from @kayla_ferg64, “What do you look for in a good bat?” Harry: Well, I think it’s very easy to sell somebody a good bat, and sometimes people worry too much about their cricket bats. I think— the most important thing is the pick up, and if it feels good in your hand and the pick up is good, we then use the hammers to check the ping or the punch in a bat. If the punch is good, and you can afford that bat, that’s your bat. So, that’s how I look at a cricket bat. I don’t particularly care about the stickers, I don’t worry a lot about the grain— of course, it is important— but if it has a good punch, and if it has good pick up, and my customer can afford it, that’s the bat I would recommend to the customer. Nick: Great answer. Stuart: So, um— @dilesh_24 asks, “Is a two-tone bat— does that have the same impact as a single— as a single-tone bat?” So if it’s got a bit of redwood on the side, does that make a difference? Harry: Well, absolutely no difference. My current bat, which is an absolute ripper, is a two-tone bat, it has got a fair bit of redwood in it and it’s an excellent bat. So it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3. If the bat pings, and it picks up okay for you, that’s the bat for you. Stuart: Take it, it’s a winner.

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