What type of chocolate to use for decorations and bowls by Ann Reardon How to Cook That Ep 051

Welcome to howtocookthat.net. I’m Ann Reardon. A lot of people have been sending in questions
asking what type of chocolate do you use when you are making your decorations and your chocolate
bowls? There’s a difference between real chocolate
and chocolate melts. If you wanna know if you’ve got real chocolate just look on your
ingredients and see does it contain cocoa butter. So this particular one does. These
are the Cadbury Chocolate Melts, the Cadbury blocks of chocolates and that sort of thing
would be real chocolate. If it’s real chocolate you’re going to have
to keep it in temper. If it’s not in temper it’s going to melt. So if you’re making your
decorations, as soon as you get it out of the fridge, they’re melting in your hands,
they’re falling over, they’re drooping, you haven’t kept it in temper . So I’ll put a
link to the video explaining how to keep chocolate in temper right here. So watch that one first. Your other option, if you don’t want to keep
it in temper, is to use pretend chocolate. So something like this, your Nestle Chocolate
Melts. If you have a look at the ingredients, you will be able to see they don’t contain
any cocoa butter. The fat in it, is vegetable fat, so they don’t need tempering. It’s the cocoa butter in real chocolate that
needs tempering. So these ones, if you make your decorations out of this, put them in
the fridge, pull them back out of the fridge, they’re not going to droop over, they’re not
gonna melt in your hands. So you either need to use pretend chocolate or if you’re using
real chocolate, it needs to be in temper.

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  1. The thing is that here where i live there is candy chocolate+baking chocolate. I usually buy the baking chocolate.Its not hard to make the decoration with it,but the time i hold it,it will melt>< i was shocked how u hold the decoration for so long and it didnt melt at all. I've but the decoration in the fridge before i put them on the cake,but still it begins to melt on my fingers so fast: Sometimes in the room-temp it become watery?
    Did i do sth wrong or is it just the chocolate problem?

  2. Hi lamenina24, if it contains cocoa butter it needs to be tempered, check the ingredients list on the packet.

  3. I think i'll stick to pretend chocolate just to be safe hehe! PS I am in love with your recipes!! Thanks so much, esp for your fail proof macaron recipe! 🙂

  4. hi SamMyoRayFan, when you read the ingredients on your chocolate does it contain cocoa butter? If so then it must be tempered to hold its shape at room temperature. if you click on chocolate tutorials int he description below the video you will find a video there on tempering.

  5. Hi Lisa, I will send you a link in a message, youtube does not allow links in comments so they have to be put in the description below the video, just below each youtube video you will see some writing and then it says 'show more' if you click that you will see everything the uploader has written, including any links they have added for you.

  6. Hi Lisa, You can use milk, dark or white chocolate as long as it is in temper it will hold its shape for decorations, bowls etc. Dark is the easiest as far as tempering goes. I usually use cadbury chocolate but you can use other brands if you can't find that one at a decent price where you live. What part is failing for you, are you having trouble melting it or keeping it set, tempering it???

  7. Hi Lisa, tempering at home is difficult that is why I suggest people just keep it in temper, if you don't overheat it when you are melting it you can keep it in temper. If you really want to temper it yourself then the seeding method is OK and the cooling while by spreading on a marble slab and moving it on the slab then adding back into the bowl of chocolate is probably the best.

  8. Just to make sure, chocolate melts don't need tempering and it will still be okay(not soften) at room temperature after I melt it and use it as decoration.
    Because some people said that chocolate melts need to add shortening, is that true?
    Also, do chocolate melts taste different from real chocolate?
    Thanks for the video, I'm doing some of your recipe for my party next week!

  9. Hi chaosKTW, it depends on the melts, you will need to check the ingredients. The nestle melts I buy here in Australia have vegetable oil so don't need tempering. But cadbury here contain cocoa butter so do need tempering. Veg oil no tempering required and will set, cocoa butter needs tempering or won't stay firm at room temp. No need to add shortening to melts. Yes they taste different because real choclate melts at a lower temp it melts in your mouth.

  10. thank you so much for the detailed explanation, I totally understand now. THANKS YOU!!!! love your channel~

  11. Hi Lisa, nice roses, what are you setting the petals on? The surface that it is on depends on if it come out shiny, if you watch the truffle recipe the peanut butter and jam molds the part of the chocolate that is on the sides is shiny and the same chocolate on the top is blooms. If you are using acetate it should help with this. The only other thing I can think of is it may be cooling and setting too fast because it is so thin.

  12. Thanks for the help! It's really awesome to find someone using Australian products too! So i don't have to go hunting for the Aussie substitute! 😀

  13. Hi Doria, yes you can eat fake chocolate it just doesn't have cocoa butter in it so it is not classed as 'real' chocolate

  14. hi rita, you can use both real and fake chocolate. but if you use real chocolate you will have to temper it. Check the ingredients on the packet you have if it has cocoa butter it is real chocolate and need to be in temper when you use it.

  15. This video just answered my life long question in the most simple yet understanding way ever!!! i feel so relived ! like something got unblocked from my head LOL !

  16. hi lauren, I use the microwave for both real and fake chocolate. Fake will take a little longer to melt but can still burn if it is too hot so you need to do 30 sec stir, 20 sec stir, 10 sec stir and repeat the 10 sec stir until it looks good. I use full heat and really stir well each time.

  17. Hi Lauren, because of the higher melting point it doesn't melt in your mouth as easily so has a different mouthfeel that a try chocolate lover would pick up on immediately.

  18. thx so much, can i use Candy Melting Wafer and should i temper it the way u tempered it on your video. p.s I LOVEEEE YOUR VIDEOS they helped me A LOT

  19. hi rita the candy melts are fake chocolate and do not need tempering because they do not contain cocoa butter, you can just melt them

  20. I watch your how to temper chocolate video but i still don't understand 🙁 isnt it just melting chocolate normally? :/

  21. Hi denielbabban. Yes you can eat the pretend chocolate, but it's not as yummy as it doesn't melt in your mouth like real chocolate.

  22. umm i use Hershey hah and melt it but ones out of the heat it starts to get hard really fast how do i stop that..? and yes it does have coco butter

  23. Oh oh oh but while I kind of know how to temper chocolate (70-60-70 or something right?) Would you happen to know what kind of surface is best suited to tempering chocolate out of the bowl?

  24. Hi YC nails, the real chocolate melts in your mouth and so has a better mouth feel and taste. The melts are easier to work with for some applications such as the butterflies

  25. i want to make chocolate bowls for my bday. But i don't know which chocolate is best.I used "Cadbury Diary Milk" but its not working. Plz help.

    With lots of Love
    Greetings from

  26. hi barnalis the cadbury dairy milk is real chocoalte so needs tempering, have you watched the video on tempering? If not click on how to cook that to go to the channel and you will find it there under chocolate. Keep in mind that even tempered chocoalte melts at around 35 degrees C so if it hottter than that it wont work.

  27. Thank you very much for the reply.Ya i watched your tempering video.It helped me a lot. And i wanna say one thing Your every videos are wonderful and so nice. I like your channel. Thx again.

    With Lots of "LOVE"

  28. Thank u very, very much!!! Now i can tell the difference between tempered and non-tempered chocolate. Now i can make a surprice for my mom someday. C=

  29. Thank you! This video helped me from making a huge mistake.

    What is the name of the song you played at the end of the video. It's really catchy.

  30. Hi Ann, I'm making a giant cupcake and I am using nestle melts, which has vegetable oil like yours, and I'm wanting to use the nestle melts to make a cake wrapper/bowl. I now know, thanks to your video, that the chocolate won't melt if I don't temper it but will it get fat blooms? Thanks heaps.

  31. Hello Ann !! I've a question: my chocolate have vegetable fat AND cocoa butter. So should a temper the chocolate or what ?? THANKS 🙂

  32. Mines is real but whenever I hit it hard it is not going the way I wanted to yours is real and its not looking good why

  33. Hi Ann, just wondering is there any difference between cooking chocolate and normal dark chocolate ? They both list coco butter as their ingredients but the cooking chocolate tastes different, would cooking chocolate still work when trying to coat for example chocolate truffles and don't really need to cook it but just temper it

  34.  a question if i want to make chocolate bowls i need to use pretend  chocolate right? but i watch some vidoes on chocolate bowls and they dont put it in the fridge but the chocolate didnt melt how did they do that?

  35. Hey I love ur videos but I need a stand mixer are u still giving then out if u are well I font know @How To Cook That

  36. Hi Ann! I'm thinking of making chocolates and truffles for my friends for Christmas. I was just wondering roughly how much chocolate I would need to have to coat about 150 single chocolates 🙂 thank you x

  37. hello ann, i didnt really understand that…. im making your chocolate lava cake and you need tempered chocolate, Would i use chocolate with or with out cocoa butter (for the chocolate dics) Thanks

  38. What type of chocolate do you use for your truffle? The chocolate seemed so runny that I assumed fake chocolate since you showed in your temper video how thick real chocolate is.

  39. Poor me since the only cooking chocolate that can be found here are pretend chocolate that taste terrible and makes you sick even just eating a litle bit, no matter what brand it is. <(TTATT)>

  40. Hello Ann 🙂 I was wondering if you happen to know the recipe for the type of melted chocolate that is served on top of gelatos and icecreams – perhaps you have that type in Australia but maybe it's just in Europe. It's the type of glazing that is very liquid, but as soon as it touches the icecream top it settles and gets crispy and firm, it's really nice and thin and sweet. I figured it's not just regular chocolate melted and then cooled on top of it, cause if you do that, you get really hard chunks of chocolate that are barely edible. I heard you have to mix the right amount of chocolate, butter and milk to get that glaze, but no icecream parlors are willing to share their recipes 🙂 Keep up the great work <3

  41. For your moulding chocolate episode can you use candy melts and glucose syrup and if you can will you get the same effect as the corn syrup and candy melts?

  42. please do the hamburger challenge with Jamie's world and Elise from my cupcake addiction and cookiescupcakesandcardio

  43. I don't get real chocolate where I stay. but we get cocoa butter separately so can I use compound chocolate and cocoa butter to it

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