What Would You Do If You Could Fly?

MILES: Hey, it’s Miles LIZZIE: And Lizzie. MILES: And if you’re wondering
why we’re outside today, the answer is this. Behold! The miracle of flight! Could it be, that
two mere mortals– LIZZIE: Oh, God, my eye! MILES: Are you OK? Oh, you have glasses on though. Today we’re looking at videos
of unbelievable, death-defying stunts that spit in
the face of everything we know about gravity, much
like Lizzie’s janky kite that she just made. LIZZIE: Oh, thank you, Miles. I did make this kite
and I’ll show you all how to make it later on in the
show in honor of Wednes-DIY, which used to be Tues-DIY. Don’t worry about it. And yes, it does fly. MILES: We’ll see. Up first, Bandaloop. LIZZIE: Huh? MILES: So what they do
is combine modern dance with rappelling to create these
amazing visual performances like this, like people flipping
on the side of a building. LIZZIE: Woah! [MUSIC PLAYING] MILES: Under the artistic
direction of Amelia Rudolph, they’ve done performances
everywhere– skyscrapers, buildings, billboards,
cliffs, I’ve never seen anything
before– I’ve never seen anything like this. LIZZIE: It’s beautiful. [MUSIC PLAYING] MILES: What? LIZZIE: She ain’t
got no shoes on. Put on some shoes. MILES: What are you doing, lady? LIZZIE: What are you doing? MILES: No! Don’t do this. LIZZIE: Gil Schneider
and Acro Pilot had the idea of mixing juggling,
trapeze, and other arts from his father’s
circus with paragliding. The trapeze artist
is Roxane Giliand and she’s doing these moves
nearly 2,000 feet in the air with no shoes, no helmet,
and one safety tie in place. MILES: They took
something like juggling and just attached
them to a paraglider. And to me, it’s instantly
way more impressive. I don’t know why. It’s the simplest thing. CARLY: We know this guy. We’ve seen him before. EARNEST, SR.: Manu Romain. This is a clip from
Jean-Baptiste Chandeliet’s movie, “Gravicity.” And he just directed his friend,
Manu, just doing his thing, doing urban climbing all
over Briancon in France. CARLY: That’s so cool. It’s like a different way
for us to see the city. It makes it seem like this
is how he gets around. Like, his friend
invited him for dinner and he’s like, yeah,
yeah, I’ll be there. Just left three hours early
so he could climb there. EARNEST, SR.: Just leave
the window open for me. I already know
what this is, and I can tell you it’s
going to be cool. CARLY: And Earnest,
I 100% trust you. EARNEST, SR.: So these dudes
are doing Parkour on rooftops. And they’re doing
it in the style of this video game,
“Mirror’s Edge.” CARLY: This video got
like, 5 million views. EARNEST, SR.: So, this video
is directed by Scott Bass and it features
Neil Cointe doing all of the amazing
stunts on these rooftops. CARLY: Neil, if
you see this video, our question is to you, how
many pairs of sweatpants to go through a month? EARNEST, SR.: Just tweet
us at youtubenation. Just let us know. ALI: Hi, I know we’ve all seen
a lot of wingsuit videos before. We’ve never seen
anything like this. Wingsuit diving
is basically sort of base jumping or jumping out
of a plane with a suit that allows you like,
aerodynamically to sort of fly in the air for a while before
you open your parachute. [MUSIC PLAYING] EARNEST, SR.: One of the things
that makes this wingsuit video cooler than the other wingsuit
videos that we’ve seen is the fact that this
guy is just up there where the planes should be, just
planes and birds, basically. ALI: Gulliver is most well-known
for his scuba skydive, where he jumped
from a helicopter wearing a diving mask and
snorkel into the Great Barrier Reef. EARNEST, SR.: I think it was
invented by Wile E. Coyote and Looney Toons. ALI: I think you might be right. LIZZIE: Hey Miles, MILES: Yes? LIZZIE: Are you ready to defy
a little gravity of your own? MILES: Not if you’re referring
to that kite that you have. LIZZIE: I am. This week’s Wednes-DIY
was inspired by this video from Paula Taylor and
her adorable children. I want all of them. It only took about
45 minutes to make and it definitely cost less
than $10, so that’s pretty good. And look how cute it is. Look at the ribbons. Hold it, Miles. Love it. When you’re done flying it, you
can hang it up over your bed. It’s so adorable. MILES: That’s probably
the highest altitude it will reach though. LIZZIE: Miles, if you want
your own kite, just say so. MILES: Lizzie, can I
please have a kite? Oh, tight. Let’s go fly these babies. LIZZIE: Yeah, wait. But first, play us out. MILES AND LIZZIE: “Flying
Kittens versus Flying Puppies.” [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. If I just wake up one day and can fly for no reason whatsoever ,just happens. I would probably fly with a 360 camera and fly around cities and fields and the river or bay. And music over it.

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