What’s Baseball Without a Side of Grasshoppers?

– [Narrator] When you think of snacks at a ballgame, you think hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, pretzels, and, of course, grasshoppers. Okay, maybe you don’t, but the Seattle Mariners and their fans sure do. (playful music) So, how did this crunchy critter get a spot next to your everyday concession snacks at Safeco field? It all starts at this
restaurant with this guy. – My name’s Manny Arce. I’m the executive chef here at Poquito’s. The grasshoppers are grasshoppers. You know, they’re a delicacy, but
they’re also a snack. I put them on the menu here as a novelty when we opened, and we kind of just,
it’s been on the menu for almost six and a half years. I describe them, crunchy
like a sunflower seed, um, salty, a little bit spicy. Uh, every once in a while, you get one that’s a little squishier than you’d like. We just toast them and then we put salt and some lime and some chili on them. That’s about all that we do to them. – [Narrator] It’s one thing to see restaurant success, but
Manny’s grasshoppers became the highlight of
going to Mariners’ games. – [Manny] When Mariners were saying that we’d be a fit for them, I sent some out. – [Narrator] The response was unreal. As in 300,000 plus grasshoppers sold. – [Manny] We were selling out, you know,
before even the first inning, and I started off with 50 pounds, thinking like, oh, this’ll last us,
you know, a month or two. It lasted us one day. To date, we’ve probably gone through about a thousand pounds. People want more than, you know,
hot dogs and popcorn, and nobody else had been
doing it at the stadium, so it’s kind of one of these things that I think people
just really latched onto and the popularity far
exceeded my expectations.

99 thoughts on “What’s Baseball Without a Side of Grasshoppers?

  1. I like it. If people can eat lobsters and crabs why not grasshoppers or any other anthropod? Can't be closed minded about these things. Honestly I'd try it, can't say I speak for everyone and it's understanding but in the end it's just food.

  2. This is awesome! Grass hoppers have more protein and nutrients than when compared with beef and all other major protein sources in the states right now and are way easier to produce. They literally can eat trash! It's crazy, people need to lean into this because it's the future. Y'all should try cricket flour, it's great for all kinds of stuff and you can get it on Amazon for cheap.

  3. Fried grasshoppers is pretty good. Though do not eat to much cause' some people may have allergic reaction after eating it.

  4. This is not cool. Humans already consume enough creatures. One has to ask, what is the next species that we will bring closer to extinction because of a lack of self control.

  5. Ayy lmao..at my country every summer we go to nearest wood find some branch and then use it to hit grasshoppers .. half a day we got maybe 200 grasshoppers .. we fried it or sometimes we cook it with some chilli and soy sauce

  6. Think about this, its not weird at all to eat bugs, full of protein, tasty and low calories.
    I'm sure the first person who ate a chicken had his friends like: "eww you just ate a bird, WTH?".

  7. We cure them in calcium chloride here in Mexico before we fry them, then add the seasonings. They taste like a combo of soft shell crab and bacon to me.

  8. If people heard thats muslim allow that to be eaten before watching this they'd be shaming and bashing , but now they go like ow it's a good source of protein bla bla bla.

  9. Don't knock em till you try them…I go to M's games all the time and the grasshoppers are awesome…maybe a little to spicy, but awesome

  10. In NY they have grasshopper meat burgers. those things have the highest protein you can get from an animal. it's on the high end of what I could tolerate eating, but I think it's catching on.

  11. If you haven't tried grasshoppers you have no right to say they're gross. Like my momma taught me, you can't call a fold gross until you try it at least once. People breaking this rule is almost as annoying as people who don't vote complaining about politics.

  12. Mmmmm, grasshoppers. I've had crickets before, and they are to die for, so I don't see how hoppers will be any different.

  13. I love this, finally North Americans are going to get over the taboo of eating insects. It is truly delicious. Try them 🙂

  14. Hello, I am one of the writter from Korean television show named [Um-Dam-Pae-Sul] and we are introducing remarkable stories about the food to our viewers. We want to use your clip in our show if you don't mind using it. Hope you see this comment and reply me back. Thank you.

  15. It makes sense that a place like Seattle would try this out. It's a very liberal state and the people are more open minded into trying new things.

  16. I've probably had virtually all parts of several types of animals aka offal (innards) & the final frontier was edible insects! Thus far I've tried ants, crickets, grasshoppers & meal worms. Some w/o any seasoning like the ants & all of the others w/seasoning from cheddar cheese to sour cream 'n onions. High in protein & nutrients & low in fat & calories. More than 80 million people world-wide eat them & in areas of Mexico over 200 different insects are eaten. With the world's population ever increasing & traditional meats like beef taking up so much land (cattle), insects & edible seaweed will be the wave of the future.

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