What’s in a baseball box?

Stay tuned till the end to see me open this
Plate Crate. Ready, Im a little nervous. See what we have. I’m excited to see whats in here. Plate Crate’s awesome. So I might have to take this off just for
my new plate crate one. Probably what Im the most excited about is
Glove Lock. You put the pine tar and you swirl it in here. And they are baseballs which is pretty cool. Cause if you order Plate Crate you have to
love baseball right? Plate Crate, thank you for sending me this. I really appreciate it. These are like my most watched videos. Cause people are super, super interested in
whats in each box. And thats just a testament to what Plate Crate
does. So thats the unboxing of my Plate Crate box. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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