What’s inside a Baseball Base?

– Welcome back to, What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and today
we’re in Detroit, Michigan watching a Major League Baseball game. (crowd cheering) – Looking for something to cut in half. We ran into one of our
fans, his name is Jacob. – [Dan] What was your favorite
video that you’ve seen? – Um, probably the jaw breaker one when you guys cut open that
one, that was really cool. – [Dan] Awesome, hey,
thanks for watching buddy. Check this out. This store here at the stadium
has all kinds of things, like Game used baseball earrings. Who needs a part of a
baseball in an earring? 400th home run game used dirt? All these bats right here
have been used in a game, and then signed by a Tigers player. Check out all these baseballs. All of those baseballs signed. This one right here is my
favorite, a baseball bag. This was used in the 2015
Tigers versus Yankees game. There’s Game Years, we
just bought this thing. Lincoln, let’s take it, it’s yours buddy. Take it home and cut it open.
– [Lincoln] It’s heavy. (crowd making noise) – [Lincoln] What’s going on? (lively drum beat) (upbeat guitar music) – So, we got this base. It was really cool, we had a fun time at that baseball stadium in Detroit. The Tigers ended up winning
in the second to last inning, and pulled out the win. Check out this bag. This is from April 22nd, 2015. The Detroit Tigers played
the New York Yankees. It also has this on the side that shows four-time Division AL Champions. And it shows some of the
things that they’ve won. And then if you turn it
over, you can look inside and it says that it’s
from, it was third base from innings one through six. I really don’t know why they would need to change out the base
after the sixth inning. I mean, how many bases do you really need in a baseball game? It’s not like this thing is ruined at all. It’s in great shape other
than being a little dirty. What I’d like to do is maybe cut this off so it’s kind of out of the picture there. And then cut it on an angle, diagonal, so that we can take this base, and it’d be pretty cool to be on a wall. On both sides you’re going to get the plaques that are on it. (electric grinder whirring) (upbeat techno music) – Here’s the bag, here’s the
last time we get to use it. (upbeat techno music) – Safe! – [Dan] So, that base, people have run and stepped on it in two amazing places. One, Detroit Tigers baseball
stadium, Yankees were on there. And then, in our back yard,
Lincoln and Dan ran on it. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) – [Dan] Omph! Woooo! I think we got it. Wraat, wraat. Almost all the way there. Here’s the bag. And, ya ready? – Yea. – Here’s the inside, oh
it’s not all the way there. (skill saw whirring) – [Lincoln] Okay, now I think we’ve got it for the third time. – Let’s show the camera first. Woooow, look what’s
inside of there, Lincoln. – Rubber! (laughs) – Rubber. Did you say rubber or Robert? Is there somebody named
Robert inside of here? – (laughs) – Wow, that’s actually very cool. Look at that. – There’s tons of rubber
no wonder it was making… Wow! Feel it, Dad. – This is really, really
squishy, this inside part. It’s kind of like thick
foam from a bed mattress. And then this rubber
part is stuck on there, it’s glued on there. – It is so cool, it’s so squishy. It feels good on your fingers. And if you pull that actual base part, it is totally white rubber inside. So, the saw probably whacked it, the… out the rubber where we cut it in half. – [Dan] And if you look right on it… we probably should have done
this before we cut it in half, it’s a Schutt, S-C-H-U-T-T. Original Hollywood Bases,
Jack Corbett Hollywood Bases, major league baseball. This is definitely an official
major league baseball bag. Made in the U.S.A. Unlike most things that
we do on this show. We have stuff that’s made
in Pakistan, China, India, but this one’s made in the U.S.A. Very cool. We’re gonna
be able to take this and mount it on the wall and still be able to see both sides of these little plaques. And in fact, I’m gonna send one of these to one of my buddies
that with us on the trip. And then the other one
is goin’ in our house. – Woo! – Pretty awesome. A bag that was played
with in our back yard and in Detroit Comerica Park. This bag was recommended by
a couple of our followers. So thank you, guys, for telling us to cut open a baseball bag, cuz I never would have
thought of it, honestly. But once I saw that comment I was like “Sweet, that’s a great idea. “We’re cutting it open, and
we’re cutting open a real one.” Make sure to follow us on Instagram and see the things that we’re doing, what we’re cutting open,
where we’re traveling to, and just a great way to interact with us. – Used to be a square,
now it’s two triangles. That’s what’s inside of a baseball base. (upbeat techno music)

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Baseball Base?

  1. I would not have cut open a base that is game used in the mlb. You erased all the value of the base.

  2. Why are people acting like that base was some priceless, ultra expensive, super rare item? It's literally not. Like seriously.. look into the prices of game used bases. It's something most collectors would love to have, but it's by no means priceless, rare, or super expensive in the grand scheme of collecting memorabilia. Especially sports memorabilia.

  3. I am from DETROIT.(I live in the suburbs)Comerica Park is we’re the tigers play and the redwings just got a new arena called little ceasers arena it all lights up.i have a game used tigers base in my room it’s NOT cut in half.

    Whats inside should go to Little Ceasers Arena and cut open a hockey stick

  4. They need to change the base because if someone slides there will be dirt on the base and under the base so the runners don't get hurt by moving the base when there sliding

  5. It's rubber so it's soft so it doesn't hurt the base runners and so if they slide they also won't hurt themselves because it's soft

  6. Could have bought a set of 3, the same exact ones unused bases brand new without destroying the history of this base for $245.95!

  7. Highly informative. The construct of a modern baseball base is always overlooked, but it provides valuable information on why too many players get injured when sliding into bases. Got a feeling that pole which juts out from the bottom and is inserted into a shaft in the infield is the primary culprit because there's no give.

  8. It's only game used. No special game or tribute game. Nobody broke any records that game. No debuts that game. Just a regular season ball game. The bag isn't worth a ton of money. Chill out guys. No biggie on this one. Pretty cool to see the insides.

  9. You guys are awesome. So many of my childhood questions are now answered. Thank you.
    Why am I only now finding out about you. Where have I been 🤦🏼‍♀️

  10. they just "wrecked" a nice piece of memorabilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,never ever alter or deface any memorabilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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