What’s inside a Baseball?

– Alright, school project time. Lincoln’s question is
what’s inside of balls? And he means sports balls. So we are going to find that out. We have a few different things here, we have a basketball, tennis ball, golf ball, soccer ball. So, here’s Lincoln, hey buddy, feeling a little sick from the flu, but we’ve got this, which I think will work well. And then I bought this little clamp, and we have the baseball in it right now. So we just kinda hooked
it up to the counter, and it’s pretty sturdy, so we’ll see how it works. Alright, let’s see if this works. Right there? Is that the half? – Sure – [Man] Oooh, gotta clamp it
down a little bit tighter. Clamp it down boys. Nice, look at that. I think our camera got off track there. This is dangerous with
my fingers right there. Think we’re almost halfway there. What’s gonna be inside? This official major league baseball game use, maybe it’s not game use, ball. It’s got some weird stuff on it so far, it looks like insulation. From like, that you put in that. Back to the clamp again, If I had done this before, maybe I would know a
better way to (mumbles). This is my first time
cutting open a baseball. (clank) Woo! That was a close one. Here’s the inside of this guy, you can see all the thread, and then it’s stuck there, we’ve got all this on there, let’s pull some of that off. Just thread. And we’re getting to the core, which has, there’s all the threads, and inside you’ve got
this little ball in there – Huh? – [Man] That’s what
we’re trying to cut off. Alright, we’ve decided to leave the ball, here’s that little ball in there, we cut it a little bit, it was kinda hard, but I think the kids will
think it’s cooler like that, they’ll understand it’s a ball. Plus, it’s really hard to cut, that’s my main reason. So there we go, here’s all the stuff that
we have left over from it. Here’s the inside, it’s just a ball of
bunch of yarn that’s all wrapped around this little ball thing, you can see that a little
clearer right here. It’s just a bunch of yarn, it’s wrapped around the ball, and then they put this
leather thing on it. So, very, very interesting. What do you think about that buddy? Good, 24 hour flu. Sick. There’s ball number one.

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