What’s inside a Bowling Pin?

– Welcome back to “What’s Inside?” I’m Lincoln and this is Dan. – And today we’re going to cut open this beautiful Brunswick Bowling Pin. This is an official U.S.B.C. approved plastic coated bowling pin. It has a little bit of wood,
and a hole in the bottom, and some plastic on it. I’m wondering if it’s going
to be just full of wood, when I read online, it
looks like some of them are filled with, possibly,
rocks and bricks, but we cut open this bowling
ball a few months back, so it’s just natural that we
cut open a bowling pin now. But before we do that, we’re going to have a little fun with
it and see if we can bowl the bowling ball and hit this one pin. It sounds pretty easy to
hit just one pin in bowling, but when you’re bowling
with half of a bowling ball it’s going to be a little tricky. – [Lincoln] Oh! (cheering) – [Dan] Oh! You got it with
the ball part too, nice job. (yelling) – [Dan] Don’t try to
catch that, it’s heavy. – [Lincoln] It’s good! – We’ve proven that you can bowl a strike with half of a bowling
ball and one bowling pin. I know it doesn’t sound like that amazing of an accomplishment, but it was actually kind of
hard, and really fun to do. Lincoln, what do you think is
going to be inside of this? – I think there’s going to be wood all the way through, like dark wood. – I think there’s going to be something else inside of it that’s heavier, because this bowling pin feels very heavy. It’s very well made, very well balanced. I’m just going to cut it
right down the middle here, it might take a couple of directions that we have to go on
it, but this will be fun. (saw noise) – [Lincoln] We’ve
discovered it’s… sawdust. (Giggles) – [Dan] That’s funny. Yeah, that’s making a mess,
that’s filling up that bag. – [Lincoln] It is? – [Dan] Sawdust everywhere.
– [Lincoln] Oh yeah. – [Lincoln] And look, look at this. When we did the shot-put ball, this thing burnt a hole right through it, and it’s all, like, sticking out of it. – [Dan] Yeah, our bag is not
that effective anymore after that shot-put ball
burned a hole in our bag. – [Lincoln] It was a lot of sparks. (saw noises) – [Dan] Alright, Lincoln, come on over. I think we did it. You ready? – [Lincoln] Yes, yes, yes! – [Dan] Okay, let’s
see. You take one side, I’ll take the other. Go ahead. Oh! Maybe it’s not quite there. – We could do like we did
on the bowling ball video and drop it on the ground. – [Lincoln] Yeah! We
got it, we got it. Whoa! – [Dan] So take a look
at it, it is pure wood. It has a little hole at
the bottom, that must be I mean that was the hole that
we already saw at the bottom, it must be some sort of
contraption that helps it get on the lanes properly
and for them to grab it. But you can see a thin plastic coat that goes all around it, and
then it’s just wood inside. It’s a beautiful bowling pin. – Even when it’s cut open. Mystery solved! – There we go, that’s what’s
inside of a bowling pin. Thanks for that mess, Lincoln. But, thank you so much for subscribing and for watching our videos, we appreciate all of the comments that you guys give that give us ideas for things to cut open,
just like this bowling pin. – Thanks for watching, until
next time (weird noise). – [Voiceover] What was that?

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  2. I love ❀️ your vids they are the best do more good vids keep up the good work guys I think they are the best by:big foot bye

  3. that hole at the bottom of the pin is actually for when they were carving the pin, its where they stuck it to the spin dial while carving it

  4. I watched this after my friends birthday party… We went bowling for the party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Just to let u know solid bowling pins are for every day use at a bowling alley. In bowling tournaments there's holes drilled in to them to give them the Hollow sound

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  8. You guys should cut open a Twister brand bowling pin. It is made of a very flexible material and can even be crushed flat and then re-inflated. It would be cool to see what's inside of that.

  9. The satisfaction i get from Randomly cutting something open myself or watching y'all cut all kinds of different things
    open/In half is amazing and it also answers the many questions of what's inside this and that I've asked myself since I was a Youngin … ALSO GOOD GUESS LINCOLN & CONGRATS ON GETTING WHAT'S ON THE INSIDE OF A BOWLING PIN RIGHT!!!

  10. I always knew it was made out of wood. I’ve been bowling for more than 5 years and it’s just the way the pins fall they can’t be plastic if it was would be strike every time

  11. I have a bowling pin from the same brand, and it looks EXACTLY like the one in the video.

    (Saving to get 9 more and a bowling ball)

  12. I want to see you cut open one of those old weeble wobble type ringing apple toys from the 80s. Might be hard to find.

  13. Just to let you know the hole in the bottom of the bowling pin was from the factory so they would be able to dip the pin into plastic. Also some bowling pins , the AMF Amflies, have 4 small gaps in the center of them to allow better pin reaction.

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